Exercise Bikes

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Supercharge Your Workout With an Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are a valuable weapon for weight loss that provide an intense workout that's as effective as it is fun. Spend time on an upright bike, and you'll soon feel it in your abs, upper arms, and legs. Upright exercise bikes are often easier to use for exercise newbies, as the seat is located almost directly over the pedals, just like traditional road bikes. If you also ride bikes outdoors, you'll find that your exercise is more consistent at home when you use an upright bike. The workout can also be more intense, as the seated position is less natural. Exercise bikes are ideally suited to interval training, which is proven to burn fat fast. Stand up on the pedals to get a better glute workout. When you're done with your workout, you'll find upright bikes take up less space than recumbent bikes. That makes an upright bike ideal for apartment dwellers or anyone else who's short on space. An upright bike represents a real investment in your fitness, but it doesn't need to break your budget. HSN's FlexPay program lets you pay off exercise bikes over time. You'll barely notice your manageable monthly payments direct debited each month. Shipping is also free on all HSN upright exercise bikes.