Quilting Frames

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Become a Quilting Queen With Your Own Quilting Frames

All quilters benefit from owning their own quilting frames to complete their hand-stitched masterpieces. Piecing together all the patchwork so that it forms a pleasing pattern is hard work, and once you finish, you're only halfway done. You still need to stretch the quilt, add the batting in the middle, and sew on the back. Only then do you end up with a cohesive blanket that's ready to spread out over the bed or couch. Instead of sending your quilt to someone else for the finishing touches, you can add to your stockpile of sewing tools and collect various frames. It's a good idea to pick out more than one frame. Check out an array of sizes, and give your creativity and imagination free reign. Don't limit yourself to making quilts that are all the same size. Discover hanging hand quilting frames that hang from the ceiling for easy stretching, or try a double-duty embroidery hoop. Are you experimenting with a new hobby? Search for kits to help you quilt. Quilting is a rewarding habit that showcases your talents and allows you to express yourself. Find everything you need to make a quilt by hand. HSN has frames and other tools for every skill level.