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Never Get Lost Again

If you are the type of person who detests having to ask for directions, we have exactly what you need. If you struggle to navigate using a paper map and can’t distinguish north-east from north-west, then HSN has the solution to your problems. A car GPS attaches to your windshield with a suction cup and plugs into the cigarette lighter. You program the GPS with the location you need to reach, and it will give you step-by-step audio instructions on how to drive to your destination. You can type in an address or select from popular searches, such as the nearest gas station. Away from your vehicle, a handheld GPS is what you need. Never again will you get lost trying to find the exit of the shopping mall or where you parked your car. A handheld GPS is also perfect for camping and for when you are exploring by bicycle or on foot. HSN has a range of GPS devices from Garmin and Magellan with a price point to suit every budget. Selected models include a lifetime of map updates. Whether you are looking for a compact model or prefer a bigger screen with easy-to-read large print, we have what you are looking for.