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A natural blend of extracts and concentrates from powerful, health-promoting spices from around the world.

Spice of Life - 240 Capsules
  • Spice of Life - 240 Capsules
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Great product

Works for my aching legs! It's an inflammatory and really does the job ! I was at my wit's end with medication that didn't work so I changed my diet and started Spice of Life, , guess I'm a slow learner but happy now! Thank you Andrew for educating us!

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Ginger109, CA
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Product Description

Andrew Lessman Spice of Life
Andrew Lessman’s Spice of Life is more than a potent, deodorized garlic product. It is an all-natural blend of extracts and concentrates from powerful, health-promoting spices from around the world. For millennia, it has been the uniquely pungent flavor of these spices that has made them so precious. Today, like so many traditional remedies, it is their scientifically established health benefits that fuel our interest.

Spice of Life delivers eight well-researched spices, providing a comprehensive range of powerful, protective compounds and benefits. Spice of Life begins with our mild, but potent, deodorized garlic concentrate, which delivers an array of garlic’s most protective sulfur-based compounds, including Allicin and Alliin.

We also include our standardized Turmeric Extract, which provides our activated Curcumin-Phospholipid Complex. Turmeric is India’s most well-known, health-promoting spice, and our unique complex ensures you can enjoy its long list of health benefits. We also look to the Mediterranean diet and provide the powerful, protective benefits of standardized extracts of oregano, rosemary, sage and thyme. Finally, Spice of Life delivers highly standardized extracts of the spices wasabi and mustard seed, which are technically members of the healthy cruciferous vegetable family.

Spice of Life is more than a collection of spices. It is an extraordinary array of exceptional standardized extracts, specifically selected to deliver precise levels of the targeted beneficial compounds we seek in each ingredient. Experts view spices as “pound for pound” some of the most concentrated, naturally occurring sources of antioxidants and protective compounds. Spice of Life allows you to once again rediscover the health benefits and powerful protection of ingredients that, for centuries, were treasured and revered.

What You Get

  • 240 Spice of Life easy-to-swallow capsules

Made in USA

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Blood Health

Cardiovascular Health

General Health

Heart Health

Immune Health

How to Use
  • Consume one or more capsules daily or as recommended by a health care professional
  • For best results, take this product with food, preferably a complete meal

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Andrew Lessman’s ProCaps Laboratories

For more than 30 years, Andrew Lessman has been a leader in the development of advanced natural supplements that today he creates in his state-of-the-art 100% solar-powered facility in Henderson, Nevada.

ProCaps Laboratories is unique not only for the 100% pure, additive-free supplements it produces, but also for the purity of the power used to create them.

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