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Program Basics How do I enter and why should I register? What is My Arcade Profile? Where are my favorite games located? Where can I find my ranking? What is the privacy policy? Arcade Tickets and Badges What are tickets? What is the definition of Current Tickets and Lifetime Tickets? How do I know how many tickets I have? How can I earn more tickets? How can I use my tickets? My Arcade Profile is showing the incorrect amount of tickets, what should I do? Where did missions go? Where are my badges? I lost my coupon code or Gift Card code that I received in the spin2win game, can you help? Rewards Sweepstakes Who is eligible to enter for a chance to win prizes? Can I enter multiple sweepstakes? Can I enter the same sweepstakes more than once? Can I enter sweepstakes every day? How can I see what sweepstakes I have entered? What is the clock above each sweepstakes? I entered a sweepstakes, but my current ticket amount doesn't look right. What do I do? I am unable to enter into sweepstakes in the Rewards Store. What can I do? How do I play the spin2win game? I received a gift card and or coupon in the spin2win game. How do I redeem it? Rewards Winners How can I find out who won? How do I know if there was or was not an alternate winner pulled for the individual sweepstakes? I was listed on the Rewards Winners page, but no one contacted me- what happened? How long will it take to receive my prize if I am the verified winner? Let's Get Technical What if I can't remember my password? I don't have a Facebook account. Can I still sign-in? Do I need to create a nickname? Games are not loading properly, what can I do? What are the minimum system requirements to play in the HSN Arcade? Sometimes a game doesn't fit into my screen. How can I see the entire game without scrolling? The HSN email address is going to my junk folder; how can I add it to my safe sender list? What are the rules for playing games in the HSN Arcade, including the Today's Special Jigsaw game? Contact Us Still have questions?


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Great news! Coming 2024, we're taking our arcade to the next level. As we work to bring you fun new games and improvements, we'll be retiring some of our programs. Starting October 1, you'll no longer earn tickets for playing—but you can redeem any remaining tickets in our Rewards Store through the end of the year. We'll also be ending our Game of the Week sweepstakes and Friday Night Trivia at the end of September. We can't wait for you to see what's next.