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Best Tweak'd by Nature Reviews

out of 34 reviews
love this sent of rescue cream
FM11, CA
Love this multi-purpose cream
I love this cream. It works great as a face/eye cream, body moisturizer, and a little bit rubbed on your palms and then in your hair as a leave in conditioner. Thats why it is the perfect travel cream. I wouldnt travel without it. I like the sweet vanilla scent of the tub. I just wish the tube was also scented.
Becky-Z, NE
Tulipia Pink Vanilla
Multi-tasking products are a must have for traveling and this cream does it all from head to toe (plus it works at home, too :D ) It only takes a minute to soak in, isn't greasy or oily, and a little goes a long way. Tulipia is a sweet scent and does smell like vanilla ice cream, it's very nice. I'm anxious to try more scents this year. Thank you Denis and team for all your hard work bringing us these amazing products. Mom is just gorgeous and does a great job showing us how to use product.
SnowOwlGrl, MS
out of 10 reviews
Excellent cream
It beats everything out in the market place I have tried almost everything out there, but this beats all the 'hype' out there, I really like SKINN products but its good when you can used one product for everything, and I found it. Thanks Tweak'd
elaine810, NY
I Love this cream! The fragrance is light, the cream is very nourishing, I use it after I shower. I'll order again.
Moreen, CO
Very moisturizing
This is a great cream. A little goes a long way and skin feels moisturized all dayp
pippy1992, MS
out of 10 reviews
like this
however, it is very hard to squeeze out of the tube
jackirae, MN
Better than shampoo!
This amazing product cleans the hair and removes dead scalp flakes so no more dandruff! Follow up with their other quality products for beautiful hair!
kmsltd, OR
One of the best scalp scrubs on the market
Tweak'd Choco Scrub is phenomenal to remove product buildup while providing a fabulous massaging exfoliation that foams nicely, leaving scalp and hair refreshed, recharged, and ready to go. I use it weekly in the shower with warm water and have not had issues with this product stripping professionally applied high quality color. It's great on the face and body, too, and feels silky smooth afterward. Love the calming edible chocolaty aroma. I use about a quarter size on a thick long lob.
TweakdFreak, CT
out of 391 reviews
out of 17 reviews
Been using this for a couple weeks now, best body wash. Leaves your skin so soft and hydrated, never tight or dry. Love the amber vanilla scent. PLEASE put this on auto ship.
gretchenmass, FL
Tweakd body wash
Devine! I bought lavender rain, its gorgeous. My skin feels rejuvenated and healthy. I also use it as a facial cleanser! Thx Denis
Newton74, WV
Gentle cleanser and smells amazing
Tweak'd hit a home run with these cleansers. They are not drying and smell great. I purchased all 3 fragrances. I wish the duo had 2 different fragrances. My wish is for a TS that includes a body cleanser, rescue cream, 8oz shampoo and conditioner. This would allow for us to have a complete set with regular sizes.
DebP113, NJ
out of 46 reviews
Another winner!
I use the Amber Vanilla during the day and Lavender Rain before bed. They glide on easily and both smell wonderful. The lavender is very calming. I love that theyre clean beauty. No more spraying alcohol based perfume for me! Thank you, Denis!
Tiners71, CA
Love The Lavender
I bought this set because I wanted the Lavender Rain, which is amazing! Very fresh, clean and fragrant!!! The amber vanilla is nice too but it takes a backseat to the Lavender Rain.
Jewel5959, MT
Love Them!
I love these, especially the lavender. Oh my goodness! Just taking a whiff of either scent is so uplifting. I now carry one in my bag. I suggest everyone try it because these fragrances are universal and divinely "tweaked" to stimulate the senses. I love them!
Lulu378, NY
out of 31 reviews
Antioxidants Galore
My daughter and I will only use Tweak'd products on our skin and hair. I'm 53 and she's 18. We have different skin needs, but we have found that the best rescue cream for her acne prone skin is the Tribal Chocolate. It never encourages a break out. She loves the amazing smell too. Thanks for this product!
mzp2004, OK
Discovered the Wild Summer Apricot scented hand and face cream totally by accident when it was shipped with a trial set on sale a year ago. When I used it- I fell in LOVE with the scent and have been ordering it separately ever since! It IS pricey at full price, however- it does go on sale from time to time and I recommend marking it and waiting until the price drops, usually to under $15 and scoop it up then. The Wild Summer Apricot is a hidden gem of a scent, 5 Stars, esp when found on sale!
PSBigboy, CA
Love Tweak'd Hand Creams
This hand cream lives on my night stand. It has a gentle scent and is not icky greasy. It massages in and feels great.
pamme51, AZ
out of 12 reviews
This cream is amazing, I have been using it for about 2 years and truly the best thing ever!! I highly recommended this awesome cream, my favorite is the coco nutty, I love the texture too. You wouldnt be disappointed
Blackbell, MI
New favorite cream
Clean cream that moisturizes all over. Smells great.
Sandy10084, FL
best out there
If you are looking for a heavy duty moisturizing cream for the winter, this is it. Yet it doesn't feel sticky once absorbed by the skin. Gosh. What a product!
beachpaldog, FL
out of 4 reviews
Love This Product
Love the smell and how it feels on my body.
Sunshine1776, WA
The best cream!
So glad i finally tried this Rescue Cream! Love the Coco Nutty! It is a great product! Ordering more to try the other scents.
Junie633, AZ
Just love this
I ordered the Matcha Love and its smells delicious. Love that its not greasy and moisturized my skin. Its brightens my skin as well. Hope Denis can bring in more and in a larger tub.
littledar, IL
out of 64 reviews
I have been using this as a mask at night and other times I use it as a cleanser. The moisturizer is fantastic too! I keep them in the fridge for the "cooling" effect on the skin.
jlesperance, FL
I love this new product from Tweaked.I got it in the set with the moisturizer & they make my skin feel so soft! I also love the scent. Bought 2 sets at the introductory price so I would have enough to last a while. Would prefer just a flip-top to make it easier to dispense.
gilbertsmom2, MA
Just UNREAL!!! Unbelievably!!!!
I have never ever seen a product like this before! I have bought just about every cleanser and moisturizer out there! No lie! But NOTHING compares to this cleanser! I wish I could bathe in it! My face, wrinkles and sagging are pretty much gone just by using this cleanser. I also use it as a mask. Bought the cleanser and moisturizer from sister station at a great price AND larger size. Ordered numerous of these from both HSN and QVC. Its just magical!
gigi63, NY