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out of 18 reviews
Great product
This size makes it easy to package several chicken breasts or steaks individually in one bag. Love that you can wash and reuse.
I ordered the Hand Sealer and love it.Use very often-still have all bags it came with But I wanted more of large. Great quality from Cuisinart!
ilya, MA
Gives new meaning to an old cliche',
""It's in the bag", friend....I have used these bags for nearly two years, and have been very, very pleased!! On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being perfect, I would rate the product 9.99999 and more. The few, minimal failures that have occurred, were, for the most part, my fault..Note, Read the directions, use the tool provided, and you will be successful...always run the nylon zipper section through your finger tips, while tightly gripping same, after manually squeezing freezer bag, of air, vac
joew49, KY
out of 12 reviews
These were bigger than I expected and are AWESOME! The quality is superb and they wash very well.
KayKay228, PA
Gave these as gifts (kept 1 for myself)
What can you say about Anchor Hocking? Microwaveable--easy to clean. Great brand--thanks, HSN
tom655, AL
True seal 10 Piece
Always like the glass, this lid is a little different. Looks to be very efficent as to the sealing quality and the layers of rubber to make this seal.
out of 8 reviews
My own little circus
This carousel is so cute I love it. It's like having a circus in my kitchen. I can get pods of all different colors and arrange them any way I want.I LOVE IT.
joyels, TX
Great addition to my Keurig
Love this! Looks so nice on my counter next to my new Keurig.
Zsp49-5, FL
Exactly What I Was Looking For
This is exactly what I was looking for. It's attractive and functional. I couldn't be happier.
Bari8, NM
out of 91 reviews
Hit a Homerun on a practical gift
Bought one for daughter. Midwest has bad winters and brought her leftover dinner to work in the portable oven and in 45 minutes it cooked evenly and she is very pleased with it.
musicnut9, IL
Unexpected Treasure
I was slightly reluctant on ordering this item only because it sounded too good to be true. I had it delivered to my job since that is the primary location for its use. I tested it out by using a frozen dinner. Based on the demo suggestion, I put it on earlier than normal. It was piping hot within 45 min. Also, I really like that it is not huge; the sizing is perfect. I would definitely this item!
artforshort, WA
Do yourself a favor, buy it..
I bought this for my daughter to take to work, so she could stop eating out and eat healthier. It's amazing, she loves it..First time using, she put in galic herb frozen chicken breast with black beans, took 3 hours to be completely done. Also, the chicken was moist..
akapint59, SC
out of 7 reviews
Nice and Sturdy
This is a nice, heavier utensil holder. It fits more inside it than I expected.
Rose_Amber, PA
I ran out of room in my other containers for kitchen implements, so this is the perfect solution. All of my Curtis Stone implements are now displayed in this container--they look great and they are now handy to my cooking surfaces. I haven't used the top as a spoon rest; it sits under the big container.
Eweser04, OH
Just grab and cook
My utensil draw can now be used for other items!!
norczech3, NY
out of 5 reviews
I made stew in the microwave with this and it turned out beautiful. You can steam in it too. You can also use it for storing fresh food longer and then steaming it in the same container and storing leftovers in the refrigerator. It has a lot of uses.
snoop-shopper2, FL
Love green boxes
Just added to my collection. Best product ever. Works just as advertised!
bertie13713, IL
Was looking for a vessel deep enough for broccoli and long enough for corn on the cob and fresh asparagus. This steamer fits the bill !!
Rosie79, OH
out of 5 reviews
Collapsible Cupcake
Collapsible Cupcaje carrier is an excellent design & quality. Thank you
2morrow7, CA
loved it
was supprised when I got it
katzs, WV
Birthday gift
Was a birthday gift for my daughter-in-law. She absolutely loves it. Glad I was able to make her happy with this product. Thank you HSN.
bnglcat, LA
out of 4 reviews
I was skeptical, but...
These darn things WORK! I use them for nearly everything!
meowgal, VA
Great product!
I love these Green Boxes! Food really stays fresh so much longer which saves me money. I highly recommend them.
Nema202, FL
good boxes/green boxes
what a fantastic way to save money and your food!! Love it. My green onions stayed fresh two weeks after being cut up!! Have told friends.
mickimaus, TX
out of 4 reviews
Great storage
Bought these to store seasonal dishes. They are great! Love being able to see what is in there and the easy access with the removable lid!
Trr61, WI
quazar808, HI
Sturdy storage
Good construction, bowls fit space perfectly no wobbly wiggle room, I like it a lot.
myrnalhcassimere, LA
out of 4 reviews
I love this it is made well and is very nice !
Lenann, PA
Classy & Elegant
This was better than the picture by far. I wanted something other than the chrome looking one you typically get and this filled the bill!
NiecieDD, CA
Practical and Beautiful
You can't go wrong, this holds 3 lbs and more of apples or oranges and bananas on top! Everyone comments how gorgeous it is!
queenbaby, OH