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Best intelliWHiTE® Reviews

out of 10 reviews
Great Product
I think this is a great product to aid in the whitening of my teeth.
karen32762, IL
Best mouth guards, ever, for using with The Intelliwhite system. Many thanks. :)
summertime183, MA
So glad these came available as a separate purchase...they are much easier to use as compared to bumpers. Very happy!
pipman, CA
out of 32 reviews
IntelliWHITE Power Fresh Oral Rinse Conentrate
I LOVE LOVE this mouth wash or rinse!!! it makes my mouth feel SO much cleaner along, with the tooth paste in Carbon Power clean!!! I would ABSOLUTELY recommend both!
BobbiC, AZ
clean as a whistle breath
i like this product as it does make your mouth feel so refresh and clean and you only have to use a little. i put a little water in mine as it can sting a little if full strength. i do recommend as it is as if you stepped out of a dentist office. good product.
mina28, NY
chrisv996, CA
out of 10 reviews
Pairs Really Well With The Kit
This booster really does help to whiten your teeth when using along with the Inteliwhite kit. Definitely try it for yourself.
Banana17, CA
Good Stuff
I may as well purchase 20 of these. I keep coming back for another. It works. You can see the stain from the teeth in the sink!
kkbates1, VA
I've been a smoker for many decades and this product REALLY works!! I saw a dramatic change the first time of use. Now 5 nights later my teeth are at least 4 shades lighter. I just mix half and half w/my normal toothpaste and WOW. Just ordered another tube. Best thing I've used for whitening.
BoMarleyMom, TX
out of 70 reviews
Best toothpaste
Only toothpaste my husband will use! Works well, flavor is good, non abrasive!
GoKathyJo, WA
intelliwhite cocobrite coconut oil toothpaste
Love this toothpaste, great product, works very well, thanks again for your products and services...
dollbaby2572282, IN
Best after a cigar
This is my go to for daytime use. No fluoride and a nice clean after use feel.
kmsltd, OR
out of 5 reviews
Better Than It's Description
I've really like these products from my first purchase. When your dentist compliments you on how good your teeth look you KNOW you've got a winner! I've purchased these products, too, as gifts for others. I just wish they'd be on sale...please consider it... more than they have been. I've never had any tooth sensitivity with any of these products.
Lady4Peace, MA
Best Ever
This is the first whitening product that really works. This is my 3rd order.I never want to be without it.My teeth are bright and white.
charliejan, NC
Addicted to this!
Ive bought multiples and recommend to others all the time! Its one of my top beauty secrets, only I dont keep this teeth whitening system a secret :)
JulesWahl, OH
out of 5 reviews
Works great!
Purchased several on sale & works great!!
This is a good stay removable for your teeth
Are use this to raise some of the things I had on my teeth and it works really good
cup6, MA
Love this pen!
I don't want to be without this whitening pen! I keep it in my makeup bag and it really does work to whiten my teeth after eating out, and makes my breath fresh again. Love it!!
Cinderella211, OR