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Lady T
I thought my Mom would love this for placings flowers on her front porch. She did, so much that she placed it in her bedroom.I will order again, if they ever Restock. This time I'll get one for myself & another for Mom porch &/or patio. They're just so cute.
MsDaisy2, AL
Adore, AdoreIt rains in Florida every day and it still looks like new. Is an eye catcher because is a pretty good size bike stand.
Mai17, FL
I bought this for my Sister. Everyone that has seen it loves it. I ordered the yellow. It did not disappoint.
out of 9 reviews
Great product!!
Zip ties were easy to use and I very much liked that you can reuse them, I Used on cords for the entertainment center looked alot better very neat, and did not cut into the cords. I would purchase these again.
Best ever
Best ever cant believe it took so long for somebody to come up with silicone zip ties the best idea ever
sweetpea0406, NM
Love these little guys!
These are so convenient. You wrap them around your wires on your home cords and appliance cords. I would recommend these.
Jem11, NY
out of 8 reviews
Decorative garage door hardware
This really dresses up the garage door. Looks realistic. Very pleased.
quillingfan, OR
Decorative touch
Perfect for anyone wanting to transform their boring garage door! Easy to apply and the Black Friday sale made it an affordable way to add curb appeal!
NEnglander4Life, FL
Super product
These are magnetized plastic but once affixed to a metal garage door they look just like my daughter's metal hardware on her garage door. It took me all of 5 minutes to make sure they were placed correctly. They feel very secure. Time will tell but I am thrilled with this purchase. I expect neighbors in my townhouse community will copy :-).
Moonwoman, WA
out of 7 reviews
Very Unique
Once put together it is a perfect improvement to hold much of my gardening tools. Very efficient. I also bought another one as a gift for a friend. Both are black.
Handy Garden Helper
This is a great way to organize tools & supplies for your gardening work. They suggest ways to use it, but it is easy to rearrange it to your own preferences.. if you have physical disabilities or are hitting ages where physical chores are getting more difficult, this guy is a real helper. You save a lot of steps getting chores done. Im really glad I got him.
birdymom, CA
This item was a great little item to have. I put all my gardening tools in it and around it.
HSNNut63, CA
out of 7 reviews
PA Snow Need
Us ladies need these tools in North Central PA when the unpredictable weather hits. Each piece is thoughtfully made to interchange perfectly. Happy to have this set in my Nissan Xterra SUV!
4SnowDogs, PA
Compact, I like the bag Haven't used yet, I bought it for my new suv.
Kymom21, KY
For emergencies
I saw this item and decided to get it because you never know with the weather we have. I live in PA so having the 4 in 1 shovel was a great idea to have. I rather have it than not have something like this. Love the bag but the shovel is plastic but as long as it does the job is all that matters to me. You got to keep items in your vehicle for an emergency. Its better to stay safe and be safe. You might have to shovel dirt too or mud. Who knows I pray I never have to use it but if so I am ready
famousamos15401, PA
out of 4 reviews
Excellent knife/garden tool and the case is extremely well built as well. Very pleased with this purchase.
aw123, UT
Great tool
this is pretty useful out there in the garden as it digs up weeds, items I want to move and cuts items fairly well.
kh50, FL
A great buy
My husband loves this because he helps me out in the yard alot
cottontail, NC
out of 4 reviews
It works perfectly!! In addition, at a decent price!!
Margaret1959, AL
Such a Deal!
Have been wanting an affordable digital meat thermometer for a very long time so I could not resist this $20 bargain. Easy to use with built in instructions. Can't beat it. All my kids want it so thinking of ordering more for Christmas presents.
Lynne-4, MO
Digital Thermometer fork
VERY NICE,,,,,Works great
able1, FL
out of 4 reviews
Great hanging pot
I put in herbs and geraniums has good capacity and be careful with watering as the side vent may leak excess water Like my soft stone white color
BC12, NY
Looks so full
Originally purchased this to be a mini herb garden ... but once it arrived I couldn't resist putting colorful flowers inside because the elevated top tier just makes the whole arrangement look so full. I love the way it looks. Will buy another to have a matching set to flank both sides of my porch entry area.
RussLou, PA
Hanging planter
Looks nice. Well made and easy to assemble. I wish the grey color was a little darker. However Im good. I just planted my plants in it. I interested to see how the self watering works. Good buy.
foreverme2, ID
out of 69 reviews
Their Fun
I got these and they look so great. so many ideas and uses.
Antenucci9180, TN
It's legit
The first two sets arrived intact and I propped them against the lattice wall of my deck. They gave me so much privacy and beauty, I had to order two more sets. They arrived intact and I zipped them to my chain link gate. Been there 3 months thru wind and rain and they look brand new. Delightful!
These are Great!!
I own about 10 of these now in purple and they are really terrific!
Michele46, WA
out of 4 reviews
I love this product and it helps me feel safe. It simply is another form of security, even with my alarm system. Love it.
2-_1, VA
I am please with product
jwash60, MS
No slipping with Newer Version
Stays anchored. Make sure to turn on both remote& alarm anchored device. Accurate alarm depends on the distance from remote. Several usages. Great for insertion to up&down windows (read instructions) after removing a few pieces. Feel a tad more secure. 2nd purchase.
1Ohhyeah, OH