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out of 7 reviews
Love that just had to take out box . No having to put anything together. Cute on my deck with a few plants on and a few under it . Bought the yellow . Looks like summer .
mg555, NY
Butterfly Beauty Full
I shipped to a friend of 40 plus years who recently retired. She adores her floral garden sanctuary. I needed an item that would provide additional beauty and peace to her space. She is totally elated with her verdi Improvements Butterfly Plant Stand.
shacym, VA
Very cute sturdy plant stand. Dark bronze. Mostly black though. Matches the butterfly chair perfectly in color. Love the set. Put them side by side in front of my flag pole. They look nice together.
2PugGirl, MO
out of 6 reviews
Very satisfied!
Heavy metal. Not flimsy. Used to hold decor items. Used this to fill gap at the back of my stove with heavy duty double sided tape. You should put a large rolled towel or blanket in the gap before starting, so that it doesn't slip & fall behind the stove!
Valleygirl107, NY
magnetic stove shelf
excellent product, fits very nice to my stove
dette60, OH
Love It
Just what I needed
linda3, MD
out of 61 reviews
Love This AwwDorable Planter
I got the cute doggy planter for a friend who is a major gardener and she was over the moon with it. I was so pleased with the size of it and the amazing quality as well as the fantastic price. I'm hoping these come back with more new animals I will definitely buy more. Don't hesitate getting one of these I feel very safe in saying you will be very happy you did.
Nikki7105, CA
Love it
I gave the duck as a gift to my mother in law. She loved it.
Francine92, TX
Duck and Goose
I love these. Their fun and quirky. Cant wait to put them out in the spring.
maquah, OK
out of 49 reviews
Storage bins
Very sturdy, see-through bins. Good size variety.
Patricia124, FL
I love these!
These storage bins are great. They fit perfectly on my closet shelves. Easy to access with the zipper openings and keeps everything dust free. My closet looks so organized now! Love them!!
KathyN52, OH
Much nicer than expected
Really surprised me with the amount of space!I am using them for all my sheets and pillow cases, completely organized and then sprayed Fabreze on them!May come back and get one for our winter downy comforter.
Katy241, PA
out of 6 reviews
So easy, works amazingly, no more fuss with batteries. Attractive sitting on my counter.
Micheale, CA
Five (5) sets purchased
These are absolutely the best spice mills I have ever used !I feel it's important that the grinds disperse from the top & not the bottom, thinking of all the surfaces and junk you set them on, which will end up in your food as well.Rechargeable is a game-changer !Easy to fill !Adjustable grind w/a light !And they're nice looking !I purchased Five (5) sets. 2 were Holiday gifts and once realized they're rechargeable...blows their minds !!!NO BATTERIES, $$ SAVED, You won't be sorry ;)
wednotary, FL
The Best!
I have had a few sets of salt and pepper mills but this is by far the best. They are rechargeable and the grind selection is great. All you have to do is to turn the on buttons on and turn them upside down. The mills continue grinding until you turn them upright again. Easy to add seasoning with one hand while you are cooking!! My son loved my set so I bought his family a set and they live them too!!!
Loonda, CA
out of 91 reviews
I'm an artist and I use these turntables to store my paints. They turn very easily and cleanup is easy.
kgnc, NC
Get these!
Get these! I use them in my refrigerator for condiments, at my Coffee Bar for condiments or snacks, and one organizes kitchen tools in containers in my Kitchen. They are easy to clean also. Get them! You won't regret it.
go-shop-hsn, ID
I use these to hold vitamins in the kitchen cupboard. Very helpful. In the bathroom I use it for skincare items.Good product.
HeatUp, ID
out of 14 reviews
These are worth the money. I will be ordering another set.
kyle1215, MI
Great product would happily recommend
Great product would happily recommend
sari53, NY
These are great for just about anything. I've used them for computer cords, kitchen appliance cords, ropes, ear phone cords, & to hold hoses in place.
ldnash, MI
out of 10 reviews
Back for a 2nd One!
This spice set is very well done! I am challenged with cabinet space and i have a 'slight' problem whenever i go down the spice aisle LOL so i bought this set to see if i would like it....nope! LOVE IT! i literally just ordered a 2nd one to organize my baking spices....this seems well made and the bottles are bigger than thy appear.....i like the 48 pre-printed spice labels as well as the 48 blanks that you can make your own! Happy happy with this space-saving purchase!
Mlmack01, VA
Yes! I ordered 3 sets. These make good sense especially for those of us who are space challenged. The base rotates smoothly and you have versatility in stacking. Great idea. Great price.
QueenOfManyPaws, KY
I bought this as a gift for my son, who lives in a small apartment, it fit well in his cabinet, and he loves it.
ArmyGirl09, NM
out of 126 reviews
Great Little Organizers!
Got the set of 4 on sale and am using them in several spots to organize meds, beauty products and other stuff. Thinking about ordering another set. Improvements and HSN have a winner with these.
mtnlady1, WV
Organizer perfection
The turntable organizers have made the biggest difference in my bathroom cupboard. Easy access/movability. I also like the dividers and silicone liners. Andrea B.
frtool, PA
Ordered 2 sets, should have ordered 4. Excellent quality, and have doubled my cabinet space!
anniem2, FL
out of 4 reviews
Wish these came in larger size too
Was very surprised at the ease of use for protecting my Rosemary herb plant. Will keep it alive longer in the winter. And it still can breathe and get sun rays. You can aim hose over top portion to water without having to unzip. Oh speaking of zipper lol. It is so easy to place over your plant. Really wish these were offered in really large diameters and height for covering my potted Hydrangeas. Hope the company reads reviews. I would pay $100 for a set of really big ones. Love these!
ScubaBarb, NC
Very Nice
I have been looking for something like this for a long time to use especially in the spring when frost is still possible here in Ohio. Love the zipper top on it as well however would recommend maybe making larger sizes available and also a way to anchor them since we get a lot of wind in our location. These will also protect veggie plants from animal predators in the early season while plants are small.
Slo825, OH
Only one suggestion, the could be longer. I grow in pots and use these to keep out the animal population. They love the tomatoes.
Annamaria1, NY