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out of 9 reviews
Great Gift
We sent Giannios. Chocolates to our family in Virgina, for Christmas. Response was best chocolate !!
morgan6966, MD
Daughter is thrilled!
Got these in an assortment box. My daughter was so taken with the peanut clusters, happy you had these for her!!
sgail8, NJ
One of my favorite candies. I'm on my second box. Just the right size to bite into and enjoy. One box was completely melted when I received them but hsn replaced it.
Pattycakes45, CA
out of 8 reviews
Big Surprise. Really good. Gave away some as gifts. Glad it was a big hit.
Lilly319, TN
Best I Ever Ate... Adult Night Popcorn
Like the name... its insane tasting. Expensive, but worth every penny. I used to buy the big tubs and had to eat half a gallon to feel satisfied. Get more flavors please!!!!
AnnieKnowsBest, FL
Sent as a group gift
For my three nephews in one household. They loved it.
Joanne48, NY
out of 179 reviews
Great Goodies!
My grown grandchildren root in the can for their favorites every Christmas. We love these candies!
gatrsu, FL
We love these chocolates. We don't order as often because of the price increase. But that said these are the best chocolates out there.
clint29418, GA
Love this candy
This is my second year ordering this delicious candy. I prefer caramel and peanut butter with chocolate. I have a friend who loves dark chocolate and another who loves the filled ones. We all love the marshmallow and pretzel ones. I share with them and we sit around saying, "Ahhhhh!!!!!
vicki51, VA
out of 5 reviews
Very tasty...spices are just right. Ordered 2 separate auto ships.
deed14733, IN
best baked beans ever!
Wow, these baked beans are so much richer and tastier than any commercial brand. Dense with flavor. Almost like a pure bean chili in the best possible way. Am ordering again!
docsavage2, NY
I bought this product & another variety pkg deal they offered as well as the shrimp burgers. They are ALL delicious. I'm getting ready for open heart surgery & needed to get some meals frozen for myself as I live alone now & have no family left. I cooked these & the others, except the shrimp burgers & froze them in separate single serve containers. I am SO grateful to this company for making something SO good & so easy for me. Thank you from the bottom of my "broken" heart.
bellaro, MD
out of 4 reviews
Great Buy
This is a true quality butter cream. Pure milk chocolate around a delicious filling. Excellent buy !
Mark133, NJ
Butter Creams
Delicious and creamy. Chocolate is good but, if these were in Dark Chocolate they would be great!
catwoman59, FL
Would buy these again
Flowergal2, OR
out of 4 reviews
good stuff
i have used Wise products before and i like them very much.....i buy a lot to store for emergencies.
shaw4747, TX
Whey good for a milk junkie
I am so happy with Whey milk. The taste is really good. I'm in my 70's. I cannot drink regular milk. Previously I mixed dry and Pet milk, just to get close to the flavor of regular milk. "I must have milk every day, all day" (If I go to long without it I get very sick). Keeping milk in my home is a #1 priority for me. I've tried many combinations. This is the best I've encountered. I want to do two things. 1 Never run out of it, ( need milk for my meds too), 2.Store as many containers as possible for the future. The fact that this milk last such an incredibly long time and it doesn't require much to get the desired taste is a real plus too. This is my first experience using Whey milk but now it will always be in my home.
Angel1205, NV
I bought this product because we have small babies in the family now. We feel better knowing we have this milk should we have an emergency. We don't have to use it right away.It's packed so we use it when it's needed. It was a good price, it came in about a week.
Sara64, NY
out of 4 reviews
So good
lb493, OH
Love Giannios candy
I love this candy. The mints are the best. It takes all my willpower not to eat them all in two or three days. I like that you can buy just your favorites too.
KSW224, IL
These French Mint chocolate are fantastic. Very creamy and wonderful flavor.If I could give this product more than five stars I would!!Will DEFINEATELY order these again.
das12, FL
out of 10 reviews
smells wonderful
icare2, AL
Great coffee and works great in press
Really like the grind of this coffee as it works great in the press. The flavor is full bodies and smooth. Highly recommend.
sailordll, WI
Great for my French press
cofmachinenut, FL
out of 78 reviews
Very Fresh
and crunchy. I like the portion sizes being individually wrapped for freshness and convenience. Great, satisfying, well balanced snack and it is good for you.
Peya, WA
What a great snack
It's everything you've been told and shown from online. Fulfilling and it works great as a flavoring for muffins after ground to a near paste with the hand held Braun mixer at HSN.
mykaomega160, MA
Great Portable and Healthful Snack
We have been big fans of this mix for a long time and were so pleased to be able to purchase these. This is my husband's go-to golf snack, so it's a staple in our house. The cherries are wonderfully tart and the other nuts compliment them well. Stands up to the heat well - nothing to melt. Recommend!
Gisell360, NC
out of 11 reviews
Love them
Delicious peppermint patties! They are gone!!
Lovemydog01, VT
Bought these for my husband.He thought they were absolutely Fantastic.He highly recommends.
akdesigns, ME
I love these peppermint patties. They are so creamy and the dark chocolate is delicious. Just wish there were more pieces.
DBgrlfan, WV