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out of 9 reviews
Great coffee
Perfect blend, great tasting mild coffee
george239, CA
Coffee by Brooklyn Bean
Great coffee. Love the smoothness.Wonderful taste.
sushipop, NV
So glad I found this coffee!
This is the second medium roast coffee I've tried from Brooklyn Beans and it's just as good as the Boardwalk Blend. The Corner Donut Shop is bold but with a hint of sweetness - the perfect morning wake-me-up. I will be a repeat purchaser!
pghgolfgirl, PA
out of 6 reviews
Delightful balance of flavors
Both or these are one of favorites in there class. Unique and extremely full of flavor. Perfect addition or condiment to any meal
expertbuyer2, MO
These are fabulous! They have some heat to them, but really phenomenal! Will buy more! If you like a little spice in your food, try them!
Flavor for days
I tried the combo and immediately bought 2 more. I absolutely love the fresh ingredients and the quality of both. The sauces bring so much flavor to a multitude of foods without overpowering heat.You would be surprised how many different types of foods you can put this on . I will continue to purchase them.
Nolalovesgems, LA
out of 6 reviews
Kansas City Steaks (8) 6oz Filet Mignon Steaks
Very moist and tender steaks. My wife loves them.
shorty53, LA
Restaurant quality
I ordered these for my son. He just fried up the first one today and said it was the best steak he's had since eating at Jack Ruby's steakhouse in Cincinnati. That is one huge compliment. Hes so excited that he has 7 left. Thank you HSN for selling such great super trimmed filet mignon steaks.
These filet mignon were delicious.Will purchase again.
nonna19543, FL
out of 6 reviews
This is the best coffee I have everTasted. I can get two cups fromEach bag. No bitter aftertaste.Just great coffee. Glad I got auto ship.
LOVE these coffees!
I save the Dark Roast for my Summer pitchers. The French/ Medium Roast are perfect for my Winter carafe. I hang a bag inside, and fill pitcher w/boiling water. I loosely put on the lid so the coffee can steep-the longer, the better. I been told to NEVER use the plastic pour spout, as it REALLY affects the flavour, and I %100 AGREE! These coffees go VERY WELL w/Affy Tapple pretzels. I go through them quickly because people adore they're NOT macerated in chocolate! They're 50/50 and PERFECT!
tarantula, FL
Excellent High Quality Coffee
I drink coffee and espresso every day. The coffee bag is very convenient if I want to make coffee quickly. However, the coffee tastes as good as the high quality and more expensive coffees. I hope to purchase more of this in the future.
gvlanguage, VA
out of 5 reviews
So good!
I have ordered twice, I love this so much! Great on cheese spread with crackers and chicken. It mixes the sweet and heat to perfection! Dont let the heat discourage you form this it is just a little kick. Also the consistency is not thick so it is perfect for drizzling over the top of foods.Please keep this in stock!
Nolalovesgems, LA
2nd Order
This is my 2nd order of the Pikliz infused hot honey. I usually am not a spicy person but this product is great, not to hot for me. I really enjoy this on chicken, pot stickers, and vegetables. You need very little.
badgergirl, WI
Love it!
This hot honey is absolutely the best Ive ever had. My family is a family of foodies, so we try a lot of different things. This hot honey is not overly hot with heat, it has the perfect balance of sweet and heat. The honey is so good, not processed, the ingredients and final product are gourmet quality. We love it the most with cheese and crackers on our charcuterie boards. So good!
MissGeorgia, NY
out of 4 reviews
Hubby's fav
These sausage burgers are amazing! My hubby's fav. The flavor is sweet and a little spicy. The presentation is great - fits right in any bun. Good size meal
Peppermint725, CT
scudo & sons
they are just like you see them and they are good.
peter381, TX
Good luck getting the right item
The patties are delious - the best I have ever had which made me go to auto delivery. The issue is getting the right item, twice I have received either links or coils not patties which are still good just not my patties.
NaNa400, FL
out of 4 reviews
Perfect for adding to my dinners
Deb414, MI
The best !!!
I love this product, has a wonderful taste and aroma, I put them in everything. I will never be without !
LindaLou63, AR
Love These Bell Peppers
We have really enjoyed having these dehydrated peppers available, flavor is so good and we don't have to worry about peppers spoiling. I fine that sometimes, the flavor is better than fresh. Thanks for making them available.
ila922, TX
out of 4 reviews
I so glad
I ordered this cake it was so moist and so good I will be getting it again for another celebration soon. It was very heavy as well. and so good and yummy to the tummy. It was very very good folks. it was worth it to me. It was my youngest son's birthday and he was so impressed he said wow Mommy thank you.
dee47, KS
Sent as a Birthday Cake for my Nephew. Arrived 5 days once ordered. Being pre-scliced was great for a large crowd. Everyone loved it!
Blessingothers, MS
Hit of the party
This is my second purchase of this cake. Went to a gathering end of June and decided to bring this cake. Was such a hit and tasted so good I quick ordered another one for my 4th of July party. It was delivered on time and would buy this cake again next year
Martie3, OH
out of 4 reviews
Excellent ground coffee
Pleasing flavor . I will buy this again and tell friends they should purchase this product .
Deb414, MI
I love chocolate covered cherries and this coffee captures the flavor perfectly! I'm enjoying a cup right now, in fact. Enjoy!
chefinn, IL
I love Cella's chocolate cherries, and was so excited to discover this coffee! I shared a bag with my sister, and she loves it too!
thisgoesto11, MD
out of 4 reviews
these are so cool
after i bought the machine i had to get at least a package of the sugar, glad i did since the machine doesn't come with any sample so you can try it out, i will be getting more and the other ones down the road.
geminiwiccan, ME
Floss sugar
Purchased this for my granddaughter to go with her cotton candy machine. Very easy to use and the cotton candy tasted just like carnival cotton candy.
Cin256, AL
Awesome stuff
crazharleyyquilt, SC