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out of 8 reviews
absolutely delicious
Great snack, not too spicy, just right.
Sriracha ranch is delicious!
Probably my favorite food item Ive ever received from HSN. The sriracha ranch cashews have become my go to snack ever since I got them.
611rose, MA
Great snacks
What is not to love about these? I purchased the Sweet and Salty, and the Sriracha Ranch, and adore both. Big crunchy nuts, and perfectly portion controlled. They are so filling that I'm not hungry for quite a number of hours. They'll be great for light summer lunches-some fresh veg, cottage cheese and iced tea or vitamin fruit drink, and I'll be set until supper! Even my significant other likes these, and he's a bit particular! Auto ship is the way to go!
tarantula, FL
out of 5 reviews
If you havent tried Stevia Sweet BBQ you must. Its delicious!!We are healthy and try not to eat a lot of sugar. You would never know that its sugar free. I use it in lots of recipes. Its the best BBQ sauce we have ever had. We use it in place of ketchup on hamburgers.
iamdonna823, FL
Great BBQ Sauce
I love this BBQ sauce!! Great flavor and low in sugar and sodium. I made BBQ pulled pork and used this BBQ sauce it was delicious! Can't wait to use on chicken, burgers, baked beans. Glad I took a chance and ordered this!!
badgergirl, WI
No sugar!!!! No way!!!!
Literally the best real tasting BBQ sauce that has no sugar, keto friendly, and oh so satisfying!!! This sauce is such a blessing in our home.... makes many dinners extra tasty without feeling deprived. Such a treat! So glad we are on auto ship!!!!
getbacktowork135, FL
out of 5 reviews
Took a chance, paid off!
I know there are so many health benefits in olive oil, but I was never a fan of its strong, bitter, soapy flavor. I took a chance on the sales pitch because my husband has been baking bread and I thought he would love to have a dipping sauce for it like he gets in restaurants. I'm so glad I did! This is the best EVO - and vinegar - I've ever had. The oil is smooth, light and fruity. I put some in a little dish with fresh basil, garlic and a drizzle of the fig vinegar. OMG. Heavenly!
Itslibby, MI
Kosterina fig and balsamic
Love love this set quality olive oil the fig Balsamic vinaigrette so good price good
Lexington3, TX
So Tasty
I am so happy I bought this set, The Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar is to die for. It is so Smooth and very tasty. The Olive oil is the best I have ever used. Smooth and buttery and smells great, I hope you have this back on again.
5south, MI
out of 5 reviews
Best Milk Ever!!
Taste like the real thing, if not better. What can I say. Best Milk ever!!
janetmm, PA
good stuff
i have used Wise products before and i like them very much.....i buy a lot to store for emergencies.
shaw4747, TX
Whey good for a milk junkie
I am so happy with Whey milk. The taste is really good. I'm in my 70's. I cannot drink regular milk. Previously I mixed dry and Pet milk, just to get close to the flavor of regular milk. "I must have milk every day, all day" (If I go to long without it I get very sick). Keeping milk in my home is a #1 priority for me. I've tried many combinations. This is the best I've encountered. I want to do two things. 1 Never run out of it, ( need milk for my meds too), 2.Store as many containers as possible for the future. The fact that this milk last such an incredibly long time and it doesn't require much to get the desired taste is a real plus too. This is my first experience using Whey milk but now it will always be in my home.
Angel1205, NV
out of 5 reviews
Very Good!
I have reviewed this product before and again give it 5 stars - I ordered 5lbs of a variety and they are all fantastic - good size and excellent taste - this is an upscale chocolate company - Thanks so much!
Thoroughly Enjoyed!
This was a gift, and my recipient was so pleased with the high quality of the product. I was pleased to hear her description of savoring an individual piece, so I ordered an additional gift for another family member.
jmarie00017, CA
Mmmm - good!
These are very good. I loved trying to make one last for three bites just so I could let the chocolate melt in my mouth and then taste the peanut butter. They are on the expensive side, though, so not sure when or if I'll order again. It's about $1 for each piece, and hard to resist!
Peace2U88, TX
out of 5 reviews
These mints are the best. Creamy, delicious chocolate
Kimmy542, CA
So good
lb493, OH
Love Giannios candy
I love this candy. The mints are the best. It takes all my willpower not to eat them all in two or three days. I like that you can buy just your favorites too.
KSW224, IL
out of 5 reviews
We just enjoyed 2 of these filet mignons... go ahead and buy if you were hesitant! They were absolutely delicious! Thanks Wolfgang and HSN... we will be reordering!
Bettyjo113, FL
Easy & Tasty Dinner
Very tender & tasty bacon wrapped filet mignon. We cooked them on our gas grill.
Daisy229, NJ
Delicious steaks
Really good, tender steaks and the portion size is more than plentiful.My only complaint is the vac pack seal was broken on a couple steaks as you could see the liquid frost on them after refrozen. I will be sure to use those upmfirst.
runnergal, PA
out of 5 reviews
If you are counting carbs, like dark chocolate and creamy peanut butter sandwiched between, then this is for you. I keep mine in the refrigerator and totally enjoy them cold. What a treat!
suzieq865, TN
These are soooo yummy!!! I love Reese's peanut butter cups, but not the sugar or calories. One (or two) of the whey better cups are a great substitute as a healthy treat with protein. The peanut butter is very smooth and creamy and well porpotioned to the dark chocolate which is decadent. I'm not surprised at all that they are sold out right now...can't wait to order again!
ciaojg, CA
Little Treat with BIG taste
These peanut butter protein treats are absolutely delicious. I have to pace myself when snacking on them. Delivery was fast and efficient. I highly recommend these tasty treats.
judes2017, FL
out of 5 reviews
Tastes great--you get exactly 24 coffee bags.
There's no ready made decaf cold brew out there. So you have to make your own by buying beans and having them coarse ground. Grady's Cold Brew pre-made ground coffee bag option is a really good easy option. Host is incorrect in the video (3:30 point), she says, "Your're getting 6 of the bags and each bag you're going to get 6 of the bags." Not true, you're only getting 4 of the coffee filled bags in 1 package, not 6. So 6 packages with 4 bags in each = 24, not 36. I called Brady's to verify.
shamrockrepublic, MI
Gradys Cold Brew New Orleans Coffee
I love it. I brew it hot and when it gets cold I still enjoy and more.
I drink iced coffee all through the year and wondered if this would be as good as freshly brewed coffee. It's better! If you like a rich, tasty coffee this is for you. It's particularly good for iced coffee because it loses none of its flavor. Glad I'm on auto-ship.
sheilamarie, IL
out of 4 reviews
Great Product
I bought the original and they are delicious. I will purchase these again.
PatsyVC, GA
Holey moley theses are delicious!
matron52, NY
For sure, the best veggie burguer that Ive ever tasted! And I tasted lots of them. Simply delicious and satisfying. I am glad I got it in auto-ship! :)
Real51, FL