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out of 8 reviews
Fine product
Very nice mint
iwiigo, MO
Very Good
Creamy; individually packaged pieces. Very good! Gave as a gift to a medical office. Was a Hit.
honda10, IL
Bought these for my husband, since the other brand we buy is just so expensive. He really likes these and we will be buying them in the future.
Bunny578, MA
out of 7 reviews
The Best
These are my favorite hot dogs. My family loves them. I constantly buy them over and over again. Thank You, Kansas City Steaks and HSN.
Bettie22, CA
Thank you for fast shipping arrived still frozen. These hot dogs are such a treat good flavor and not boring.
Charli254, AL
a real meat hotdog!!
I can not say enough good things about these hot dogs. I have not been a lover of hot dogs, but I put these on our hot dog roller machine and the taste was a great as in the restaurant. These really have a wonderful flavor!!
Zindy, WI
out of 4 reviews
Fragrant & Delicious ~ Nectar of the Gods
Never heard of Brooklyn Beans coffee until Debra Murray was on with Margo talking about it. First, I bought the 72 flavored pods. They are so amazing, I came back & bought the ground coffee, which is as good as the flavored pods & maybe even a tad better (if that is possible). I purchased the medium roast; smooooth to the nth degree~rich robust~pure coffee flavor~tantalizing to your every tastebud~exceptional quality and aroma! Magnificent coffee all around. Only improvement would be auto ship!
subtle flavor with great taste
Bought my second 6-packs ofBrooklyn Beans Maple Sleigh groundcoffee. I usually don't like flavoredcoffees as they "drown" out the coffeetastes, however, the maple flavor doesnot overpower the coffee, and I findthis coffee absolutely delicious andI'm very picky about coffee!
ladydi14, OK
Good Coffee
I bought the Vanilla. When it is brewing, it fills my little kitchen with that warm coffee and vanilla scent. I recently started drinking my coffee black so this helps.
dearjaze, WA
out of 5 reviews
this coffee is awesome. this is my 2nd time ordering this coffee, I love everything about it. The favorite is great. I recommend giving this a try.
torilynn51, OH
Best taste
Tried for first time and it is great, strong and great flavor.
busyday, AZ
Like buttah!
Ordered a box to try after Westrocj Sumatra Bkend became unavailable. Brewed a cup upon arrival and then another cup! Immediately ordered another box! Smells fabulous with a velvety smooth finish. Just delicious. Need a bigger box!
Dolls4me, NJ
out of 5 reviews
Better then the bar!!!
This is some of my familys favorite
Jeannie76, WI
Taste good
Jeannie76, WI
Feel like a expert
Taste sooooo Good ,company loves it,tastes as good as the clubs/bar
Jeannie76, WI
out of 4 reviews
Great Product
Just know it has a five year shelf life if buying for long term. Have not tried yet. Keeping for hurricane season. Nice to know it is handy.
TexasRacer, AR
I am very impressed with this granola! I am glad I am on AutoShip. Its very delicious and gives you that satisfying crunch with sweetness with every bite. Stick to your serving size and you wont be disappointed!
Bessie45, IL
So Good!
I Love this product from Augason Farms! Crispy but not too hard. Just the right sweetness, no other sweetner needed. I love it with blueberries and their powdered milk. I'm so glad I got this on Autoship. A great treat anytime of the day!!
berrygirly29, VA
out of 4 reviews
lips6, NJ
I served this for my family of 6 people over the Holidays and there were no leftovers!! It is as easy to cook abs the the meat was tender and delicious. I have several Curtis Stone foods and enjoy them tremendously!!
kws5, GA
Moist and tender!
littlered1, NY
out of 10 reviews
This is a nice mild, smooth, coffee. Slightly flavored with no acidic aftertaste.
Smooth and delicious! Very Happy with this purchase. Not sure if the flavor is described properly, but nicely flavored.
caz, MN
Smooth and delicious! Very Happy with this purchase. Not sure if the flavor is described properly, but nicely flavored.
caz, MN
out of 9 reviews
Pass me the Honey!
awesome flavors!
Vbeach76, FL
Love this the peppermint is great.
peanut1cat, MO
Love The Flavor Honey
I love these flavors. Great job.
Hotnana65, CA
out of 8 reviews
I had to give up coffee due to a health condition, and I adore coffee! So when I saw this product I thought its worth a try- so happy I did!! The flavor is truly excellent. I mix it with Dunkin's coffee creamer over ice, and its WAY better than anything at a coffee shop.
furbabylover, KY
First Time Grady's Drinker
When I ordered this, I decided not to do an auto-ship in case I didn't like the taste. Boy was that a mistake.My first taste and I loved it. If you haven't listened to the video with this do so before you take your first drink. The gentleman stated that it would be sweet enough without the sugar. But I like my coffee sweet so I added in some stevia. Then this morning, going in for my second coffee, I found the creamer added just the right amount of sweetness without being overly sweet.
LynnAR85, MA
Tastes great--you get exactly 24 coffee bags.
There's no ready made decaf cold brew out there. So you have to make your own by buying beans and having them coarse ground. Grady's Cold Brew pre-made ground coffee bag option is a really good easy option. Host is incorrect in the video (3:30 point), she says, "Your're getting 6 of the bags and each bag you're going to get 6 of the bags." Not true, you're only getting 4 of the coffee filled bags in 1 package, not 6. So 6 packages with 4 bags in each = 24, not 36. I called Brady's to verify.
shamrockrepublic, MI