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out of 4 reviews
Very comfortable
Easy to use and install. Very comfortable and great price.
Good Little Mouse
Purchased a new PC with touch screen, but still wanted a mouse instead of using touch pad. HSN sent me a 10$ Christmas gift voucher. snd free shipping. Used it to purchase the mouse. Nice compact mouse. Actually quite sensative. Work well, and a great bargain!Well pleased.
TBear-Info, FL
A good product for non technical people
This mouse is easy to set up and works effortlessly.
Chopper69, FL
out of 92 reviews
Great computer.
Don't know how I lived without it. It does all I want and more. Video conference s are great. Everything in one.how did I not buy this B4. Hope HSN and HP keep doing business together.P.s. thanks to you HSN for making all this possible with your flex pay, promt delivery and quality of products. We are HSN fans for life. By the way, I'm a guy who shops with you.Thx jim
jimmy55jw, MO
Love it and easy to use. Love the product.
Denise5145, NH
best ever computer
I love this computer. It is the best computer I ever had and believe me I have had many. It is even so light weight and easy to move to another area if I chose to do so. I will never go back to the other computers. And it is exactly what is it called, All-in-One Computer. Buy it you will not be sorry.
hxosr, CA
out of 13 reviews
I'm Old School and LOVE The Logitech M100 Mouse
Even though I've replaced my old tower computer for a sleek, high capacity, lap top computer, I still LOVE using a mouse rather than using the lap top's finger pad (I really cringe just thinking about dragging my finger or thumb over that pad!) Any way, again: I LOVE the Logitech M100 Mouse and will order it as long as Logitech continues to make it. Thanks, Logitech. We Oldies but Goodies are very very grateful! :-)
as expected
vickyd555, FL
I received my new mouse last week. Thank you so so very much!! I plugged the device into the USB port right away and it works like a gem. I am very pleased with it and would recommend it to everyone. I have shopped with HSN for years and every purchase I have made over the years has been outstanding. I will continue to make HSN my very first choice for whatever I need and desire. GREAT service, products and prices. Again, thank you so very much. HAPPY SHOPPING EVERYONE!!!
out of 4 reviews
Dancing Water speakers
Its really cool and works well.
Kate697, IL
My daughter loves them listens to them for hours
sam971, OH
I bought a pair LED lights speakers for my granddaughter she couldn't wait to open the package when it arrived she loves them she said it makes her room look colorful and she enjoy the water bouncing up and down to the Beat of the Music she told her friends about her speakers and how much she loved them and know my other granddaughter wants a pair thanks HSN
verjean, LA
out of 5 reviews
The laptop sleeve is attractive and if good quality.Very satisfied
Tico6, NY
Great Laptop Sleeve
It works perfectly with the HP Chromebook that I purchase from HSN great sleeve probably I will purchase another one.
batman6, CA
zillie1, GA
out of 7 reviews
This mouse, I like!!
I really like the mouse. Very simple to set up and very easy to use. Seem to work on every surface, so far, without needing a mouse pad. Even though I've had it for a short time, I would definitely recommend it highly.
lcar5, KY
Easy to install and use.
Nitni2, VA
Excellent Choice
Brought this when my old HP mouse stopped working. Easy to set up & use.Very pleased with my purchase!
jerseygirl988, NJ
out of 26 reviews
Great angle for this pillow
This puts my laptop at the right angle so I can type and see the keyboard
Busdriverpat, NY
Great pillow
I purchased one for myself last year. My 24 year old niece loved it. This just came back in stock so I got her one. Perfect for a laptop.
Satisfied and Happy
This is what my daughter and I have been needing for our laptops. This is perfect for us
LadyTay98, CA
out of 6 reviews
this kit is very nice with tripod
This was a gift for my Daughter. She does photography and videos. She is very happy because it is multi purpose good for photo or lighting up dark spots for housework.
Harocho, NY
Ring Light 10 with Tripod
This ring light is awesome! It gives out so much lighting and I used when I do my make up. Would definitely give it an A+++++
Mila112166, MI
Love it
I so happy with my tripod. Its perfect for me filming for my YouTube channel. I love that my camera fits easily in the clip and its adjustable. It does go up pretty high over my head which is also great.
happyshopper16, FL
out of 6 reviews
Pleasantly Suprised
I needed to replace my HP Stream laptop. It is my first chromebook and I never expected to like it so much. First, right out of the box, it was the easiest set up. It's super fast compared to my Stream. It's a different experience but not difficult. User friendly and intuitive.
katytx, TX
Great computer!
This computer is better than what I had expected for the low price! I dont see any difference between it and my old Mac. The touchscreen is also a plus. The only thing Is that I wish it had a backlit keyboard.
kweh, OK
Awesome chromebook!
I love this chromebook! The touchscreen is so convenient. I highly recommend!
nettieconfetti, VA
out of 5 reviews
my new laptop/ Asus
So far, I am really enjoying the laptop. I have downloaded files on it & pictures that I care about.
Lindie3, FL
Beautiful Laptop
This is my second ASUS. I highly recommend this laptop. It is fast and reliable. My old ASUS was on its last legs but it is still operational. I almost went with a HP but i stuck with what i know and this is the best. The champagne of all lap tops
Cathyr2, NY
Love Love Laptop
Love this laptop, not knowing it is a gaming laptop, I wish I could have bought this laptop a long time ago it is what my son wanted and now he can turn in his School work with no Glitches and the battery life is so much better and last longer. Thank you
Rainey72, FL