Tiffany Lamp

Give Your Home a Touch of Art Nouveau With Tiffany Lamps

Having a Tiffany lamp in your home adds gorgeous color and a touch of Art Nouveau style that is striking and unique. Tiffany lamps are made with beautiful pieces of stained glass that are welded together to create floral patterns, birds, animals, and whimsical designs.

If you love butterflies, choose a Tiffany accent lamp with colorful pieces of glass made into butterfly wings. You will be delighted every time you turn on this magical lamp. A butterfly or winged-fairy designed Tiffany lamp would be perfect for a young girl's room placed on a cute piece of furniture designed just for kids.

Place a tall Tiffany lamp in a corner of the room where the colors of the glass shade will add a warm glow. Choose colors in the glass that complement the tone of your room and accent those colors with a rug that has a similar pattern. Or place an elegantly designed Tiffany lamp on the side table next to your favorite reclining chair. You can relax while admiring the craftsmanship of the beautifully made lamp. Enjoy shopping HSN today to find the perfect Tiffany lamp.