"Delicious Meals Made Easy" Pressure Cooker Cookbook
Most Recent Review
RGMD 9/24/2016
I am so happy to find a pressure cooker cookbook with recipes that require two steps. After browning the meat, put in the rest of the simple ingredients and close the lid. These ... (see full review)
"Wolfgang Puck Makes It Healthy" Handsigned Cookbook
Most Recent Review
BellaMocha 9/23/2016
I haven't made anything yet but I'm going to try a couple recipes soon. I was hoping for more healthy choices that my family would eat. This book maybe perfect for other people but ... (see full review)
"Healthy, Simple & Delicious" Airfryer Cookbook
Most Recent Review
Jean585 9/22/2016
I returned this cookbook because there were so few pictures and the print is very small. It was too much work to look at it.
"Cooking Light Mad Delicious" Handsigned Cookbook
Most Recent Review
Johnnygal1016 9/21/2016
I, really like the book it offers a variety of different ways to cook healthy.Surina
Simply the Best: Pressure Cooker Recipes Book w/Charts
Most Recent Review
RemrenGigi 9/21/2016
If you have a pressure cooker, this cookbook is really a help to its versatility of cooking. I really like the conversion charts that are included. GREAT JOB with Pics on this cook ... (see full review)
Char-Broil "Everybody Grills!" Cookbook
Most Recent Review
Coach-270 9/17/2016
I received. Haven't tried it out yet.
"Simply the Best – Garnish Set Recipes" Cookbook
Most Recent Review
DeeLee360 9/10/2016
The ideas were very practical. I was disappointed.
DASH "One-Pan Kitchen" Skillet Cookbook
Most Recent Review
WesmanLV 9/10/2016
For the price I thought it was going to be filled with hundreds of amazing recipes. Nope. Just basic stuff I could get on the internet for free. Sent it back.
Andrew's Favorite Soups Cookbook by Muriel Angot
Most Recent Review
LilyinRI 9/10/2016
Andrew love this soup cookbook.Maybe you could do a tsv with a collection of your books and a tea sampler.How about a mini bio.I know I would love it.Thanks Andrew and Hsn
UniChef Celebrity Chef Cookbook
Clearance Price: $5.00
Average Rating 3.4 ( 8 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
LilyinRI 9/10/2016
I WANT TO THANK ALL THE CELEBRITY CHEFS THAT CONTRIBUTED TO THIS BOOK.The recipes are great and it really helps a great cause.Now as I prepare a fine meal for my family I can feel ... (see full review)
Simply the Best Prep & Garnish Set Cookbook
Most Recent Review
VenieEll 8/31/2016
I haven't opened the plastic cover to read the beautiful book but, so far, I love the front cover and back of the cookbook. I can't wait to use my garnish tools set and cookbook. T ... (see full review)
Robert Irvine "Blend Anything Machine Recipes" Cookbook
Most Recent Review
joeegos 8/11/2016
Easy to follow for anyone. Pictures show end product and the variation of soups, shakes, desserts, salsas provide a well rounded menu for use with any blender!
"The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook"
Most Recent Review
misswhimsy 7/29/2016
I think this is a beautifully done book .... well laid out, good pictures, etc. Tons of recipes, and I really like the fact that there are many vegan options, great for those of us ... (see full review)
Steven Raichlen Indoor Grilling Cookbook
Most Recent Review
LiLania410 7/18/2016
a great book at a great price don't pass this one up
"Waterworks" Recipe Book
HSN Price: $12.95
Average Rating 4.0 ( 2 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
watertown 7/4/2016
Nice book but nothing you cant do yourself. Mostly just put 2 or 3 fruits or vegetables in a pitcher and add water.
Wilton Books - Decorating Cakes
HSN Price: $17.95
Average Rating 4.9 ( 8 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
michigander32 6/22/2016
A lot of great ideas and.pictures.
NutriBullet Natural Foods Book
HSN Price: $29.95
Average Rating 4.9 ( 8 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
Marsha346877899 6/9/2016
Love this. I have always been a NutriBullet fan. Love the natural healing info.
"Smart Cooking" Smartbowl Cookbook by Art Smith
Most Recent Review
savybuyer 6/5/2016
He may have the right idea and a lot of talent,but the cookbook was a bit shy of being good. Definitely not things i would cook often.
"My Perfect Pantry" Handsigned Cookbook
Most Recent Review
Raevyn 5/29/2016
Although I probably won't make a lot of recipes from this book, I like the way it is organized and I like that it takes just fairly basic ingredients and not a lot of fancy stuff t ... (see full review)
Philips Multicooker "One Pot Cooking Made Easy" Book
Most Recent Review
SarahM5 5/22/2016
Liked book, but just think it's a waste. Half of recipes in this book come in a book that comes with cooker.
Kelsey Nixon "Kitchen Confidence" Handsigned Cookbook
Most Recent Review
surfgirl101 5/14/2016
A great addition to my cookbook collection. I like that in addition to the recipes, Kelsey includes invaluable and informative tips and techniques for the kitchen. The recipes ar ... (see full review)
"The Dehydrator Bible" Cookbook with 400 Recipes
Most Recent Review
chickalotta 5/9/2016
Funny to read the only other review! Exactly the reason I purchased this cookbook, for the recipes!! There are other cookbooks etc out there to instruct on the actual dehydrating m ... (see full review)
Gooseberry Patch "Slow Cooking All Year-Round" Cookbook
Most Recent Review
Teresa1inTn 4/27/2016
easy to understand and follow.good recipes.
Andrew's Favorite Soups & Veggie Cookbook Bundle
Most Recent Review
Idohairandnails 4/25/2016
I did not like this bundle. To make the soups took to much effort for my busy schedule and the recipes did not appeal to my taste palate. I only paid approximately $14 and it was ... (see full review)
"The Food Processor Bible" Cookbook with 500 Recipes
Most Recent Review
suelily1954 4/23/2016
It looks gd going to make carrot cake yidau
"Fruit Infused Water" Book with 98 Infusion Recipes
Most Recent Review
judiwonder 4/11/2016
This book has many great ideas.
"Sara Moulton's Home Cooking" Handsigned Cookbook
Most Recent Review
cj54303 3/24/2016
The tips, hints, techniques are worth the price. I am reading this like a book and have learned several new things. Who knew that a spoon worked to clean ginger root [a truly hat ... (see full review)
Muriel and Andrew's "Oat"standing Recipes Cookbook
Most Recent Review
Roxie153 3/24/2016
A waste of time.
"Inspiralized" Spiralizer Cookbook
Most Recent Review
SUNSHINE600 2/3/2016
There was a lot a great information in the book, but the recipes left a lot to be desired. I want to be able to use every day items not special items I rarely use or have to go sea ... (see full review)
Gooseberry Patch "Sunday Dinner at Grandma's" Cookbook
Most Recent Review
maryalice1945 1/18/2016
I have more of these then I need, I ordered anyway. Always looking for more recipes.
"The Ultimate Blender Cookbook"
HSN Price: $24.95
Average Rating 3.3 ( 6 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
mainard11 1/10/2016
This book has a few good ideas but I can find everything on line. Sending back.
Marc Murphy "Season with Authority" Handsigned Cookbook
Most Recent Review
KajolAnn37 11/27/2015
I love this book easy to read and follow recipes.
Monica Sweeney "Best Dump Cakes Ever" Cookbook
Most Recent Review
Dancingheart 5/3/2015
sent this back with the other 2 dump books I bought from HtSN tried pina colada cake and cake mix stayed powdery on top fruit never bubbled up like it was supposed to all these dum ... (see full review)
The Fryer Cookbook by Marian Getz
Most Recent Review
HAPPY04 4/8/2015
"Zoku Quick Pops" Recipe Book
HSN Price: $16.95
Average Rating 4.0 ( 3 Reviews )
Most Recent Review
scrap60 3/7/2015
Good quick ideas with the perfect mix for the beginner.
"Top Chef University" 16-DVD Series Box Set
Most Recent Review
PatNMD 12/21/2014
Entertaining, informative, well made. Excellent information detail. Just long enough to keep your attention and not get overwhelmed.