Twiggy London
the story behind twiggy …
Fashioning a line all her own

In 1966, Twiggy burst on to the fashion scene as the world’s first supermodel. With her waif-like figure, boyish hairstyle and striking lashes she created an image that defined an era, earning her idol status among millions of teenage girls of the 60s revolution.

“Before I was discovered, I wanted to be a dress designer,” Twiggy recalled. “I never planned to be a model. It was like a distant dream, but I thought I was much too thin, and much too small and too shy. Then fate took a hand and changed all that, but the obsession with designing and making clothes was always within me.”

Even as she emerged as a supermodel and fashion icon, Twiggy never lost sight of her fashion dream. As the years past, Twiggy dabbled in design, and came to the realization that the best fashion crossed over seamlessly between age groups.

Twiggy set out to imbue her fashion and accessories line with her free spirit. She didn’t want to take herself too seriously because that’s the last thing she wants from the people who wear her designs.

“I think all clothes should be gorgeous, affordable, comfortable and fun,” Twiggy said. “So many times the fashion industry gets a bit serious, and I think fashion should be fun, especially affordable fashion. Most women love to wear things and they love to get new things. We like to buy.”

With loads of color and embellishment, Twiggy designs fun and funky fashions filled with personality. Twiggy London ranges from blouses to jackets, handbags, pumps and sneakers — all filtered through Twiggy’s irreverent British lens. This exclusive line transcends generations with a cool & chic London twist.

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