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Wet Hair, Don't Care

Do you feel you have to choose between brushing your hair and keeping it on your head? The wet hair brush is here to save the day. This sensation has caught the attention of beauty magazine editors, beauty bloggers, and hairstylists everywhere. Experience a smarter way to brush your hair when you add a wet hair brush to your hair care regimen. Whether you start with a single brush or order one of our value-added sets, you will be amazed by the wet hair brush's detangling and shine-enhancing capabilities. Reduce breakage and get a fabulous natural shine at the same time. Pamper yourself with a scalp massage, and treat your hair to a good brushing to maximize its luster. Patented Intelliflex bristles go through hair like a hot knife through butter, minimizing damage to the hair and making brushing pain-free. These brushes are great for children and for those with a sensitive scalp. They (and you) will be relieved to be working with their hair instead of battling it. These brushes make great gifts and stocking stuffers for all the gals in your life. Tell that old, hair-ripping paddle brush goodbye, and say hello to the wet hair brush.