Weight Lifting Equipment

Get Pumped with Our Weight Training Equipment

Why waste money on expensive gym contracts and endure the hassles of driving through traffic to get there, conforming to their class schedules, and putting up with their lousy music? Instead, invest in home weight lifting equipment and other fitness gear and work out on your own terms. Whether you're looking to lose weight, build strength, recover from an injury, or any other fitness goal, HSN has what you need to become your best. We offer free weights such as kettle bells, hand weights, and sand weights. You can easily incorporate them into your current fitness regime of Pilates, yoga, or barre. Wrist and ankle weights add strength training to your walking, jogging, or running. Other weight training equipment at HSN includes ab rollers, stretch benches, a doorway-mounted, pull-up bar, and other specialized devices. If you're looking to focus on a certain core set of muscles, these are perfect for locking in and pumping up. Weight benches are a must-have for any home fitness center, allowing you to leverage lifting bars, or just the power of gravity, to work any number of muscle sets. From space-saving folding benches to Olympic-quality, multifeature benches, we have a bench to fit every budget and need.