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Clean Water From a Waterlogic Countertop Water Purifier

If the water at your home doesn’t taste very good, you may drink bottled water instead of tap. However, the amount of waste produced by discarded water bottles is astounding. Instead of wasting money and producing extra waste with bottles, upgrade to a Waterlogic countertop water purifier. This impressive appliance will filter impurities from the water coming through your tap, delivering fresh, clean water that tastes great. You can shop Waterlogic water purifiers at HSN for great prices on high-quality products. Waterlogic uses a three-step filtration process to improve the taste of water. The first step is the porous filter, which eliminates impurities like lead, pesticides, petro-chemicals, chlorine, and other toxins. Step two involves using a UV lamp to purify the water, destroying bacteria like hepatitis, E. Coli, and salmonella. The UV lamp sits at the dispensing point of the Waterlogic water purifier to destroy 99.9999% of germs before the water reaches your glass. The third and final step includes an infusion of Biocote, a natural antimicrobial infused with a silver additive to inhibit the growth of germs on the purifier. Enjoy clean, fresh water without spending any more money on bottled water with a Waterlogic countertop water purifier from HSN.