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Keep Your Home Spotless With Efficient Vacuum Cleaners

Your floors can take a beating during the day. From the pitter patter of small feet to the thud of furry paws to the rush of hurried adult shoes, there's always something tromping through the room. Make sure your carpets and rugs get the care they need to stand up to it all with our efficient floor cleaners. The right selection of vacuum floor cleaners will make sure you're equipped to handle nearly anything life throws at you. Use a standard bagless vacuum to suck up simple messes, attack tricky stains with a steam cleaner, and use your wet/dry vacuum and cleaner for those deep cleans that really get into the fibers. Are you looking for speed with ease? Try a cordless sweeper. Tackle hard floors with a microfiber mop, stiff bristle brush, or sleek sponge sweeper. If you're looking for a smart solution that will take care of the floor cleaning for you, leave your vacuuming chores up to an automated cleaning assistant like the Neato BotVac or iRobot Roomba. These handy helpers will make their way around your home to vacuum on their own. HSN offers a diverse selection of vacuums for all your needs.