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Take Care of the Most Important Thing You Own

Your body is your most important asset. This Tony Little Fitness collection will show you that "you can do it!" America's personal trainer gives you anti-aging techniques to increase energy, decrease pain, and look and feel fabulous. This equipment is for body shaping, sculpting, cardio, stretching, and the recovery your body needs. Enjoy an effective, total-body resistance workout without having to bend over to pick up or put down bulky weights. Designed for low or no joint impact, the recommended use of this exercise and fitness gear is for beginner, intermediate, and advanced participants whose doctor has cleared them for exercise. Tony's easy-to-follow directions, coaching, and champion's spirit will spur you on to better health. If you are nursing an injury or battle chronic pain from arthritis, Tony can give you the tools you need for a positive lifestyle. If you are tired of messy, smelly creams, hot/cold patches, or inconvenient chiropractor appointments, try a portable, rechargeable TENS unit, the most frequently doctor-recommended form of natural pain relief. A massage cushion can soothe lower back injuries and chronic arthritis, or, try a foot and ankle massager to relieve stress at the end of a rough day.