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Transform Your Home Into a Relaxing Spa with Thymes Soothing Fragrances

Remember your last spa day? Soft lighting, comfortable lounges, and friendly attendants welcomed you to a day of pampering. Even the scented air lulled you into dreamy relaxation. If only you could bottle it and take it home. With Thymes bath, body, and home products, now you can. Use Thymes fragrances to turn your home into a tranquil spa. Add long-lasting fragrance to any room with a Thymes reed diffuser. Scented oil slowly saturates rattan reeds, refreshing the air every day. Bring the fresh outdoors inside with Frazier Fir or Simmered Cider scents. For a boost of fragrance, try Thymes Home Fragrance Mist. Just a few sprays will quickly fill the air with soothing lavender or refreshing eucalyptus. Add the soft glow of Thymes candles for even more relaxation. Don't forget to take care of your skin just like you did at the spa. Smooth on creamy Thymes body lotion for soft, lightly scented skin. All the Thymes fragrances will quiet your body and mind. Just sit back, relax and breathe deeply. Share your favorite scent with friends and family too. Give Thymes Fragrances Gardenia or Wisteria gift sets for birthdays and holidays. Shop the full Thymes fragrance selection now at HSN.