Technibond Amethyst Earrings

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Look Marvelous in Elegant Technibond Amethyst Earrings

Have you heard of Technibond, a brand that creates the pieces in its collection with a fantastic metal combination? Technibond jewelry features a sterling silver base and a coating of yellow gold or rose gold for an impressive look at a reasonable price. Even better, Technibond is available on HSN. Technibond amethyst earrings gorgeously display a beautiful purple amethyst stone against a golden metal tone. The amethyst stone can symbolize tranquility and peace, and purple invokes a sense of wisdom and royalty. Technibond amethysts are mined from Brazil, and as such, you are wearing a unique treasure from the heart of the Earth.  Technibond incorporates the majesty of purple amethyst and gold into fabulous designs, like tasseled drop earrings that gently wave in the wind. It's a look as beautiful as fields of lavender in France or a queen from an exotic land. You can be hot and trendy yet timelessly elegant all at once.  The look of gold and amethyst can be beautifully paired with blue jeans and a silky or lacy black top, or it can blend seamlessly with an outfit based on blues, greens, and purples. Shop HSN to admire Technibond's jewelry collection, including Technibond amethyst earrings as well as matching amethyst necklaces and grand amethyst rings.