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Get a Gorgeous Golden Glow With Tan-Luxe Self Tanners

Glowing, tanned skin looks beautiful in the summertime. How fun is it to head to the beach in a bikini showing off your gorgeous bronzed skin? Sunning and tanning beds, however, can damage the skin. No worries though! You won't have to miss your tan this summer. With Tan-Luxe tanners, you can get your glow on without the negative effects. Tan-Luxe's line of self-tan drops uses advanced technology to give you the color you desire. Simply add the drops to your favorite moisturizer, body butter, or facial serum, and watch your skin transform into a healthy glow of color. Add just the right amount of drops to achieve the level of tan you want, and you're ready to go. With Tan-Luxe's patented formula, you'll no longer sport hideous orange streaks or smears associated with tanning lotions. Tan-Luxe systems cause no streaking and have no nasty smells. Tan-Luxe products are formulated to work with your unique skin tone so the resulting golden color will be unique to you - this is no one-size-fits-all tanning solution. Discover the luxurious line of products from Tan-Luxe while shopping at HSN.