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  • iHome FM Radio Clock Charging Dock and Speaker System

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  • Google Home Smart Assistant Speaker & Base Bundle

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Make the Most of Your Music With Speaker Docks

With a great variety of speaker docks available, you can easily find the dock that works for you and your needs. Audio docks accommodate your cell phone, tablet, or MP3 player to enhance the sound of the audio coming out. This is a great option for parties, around the house, or even in the car. As you’re considering speaker docks, keep in mind there are a ton of different features and benefits to consider. For example, these docks come in different sizes, with varying sound output, and with additional features such as waterproofing. Music docking stations are a great gift for anyone in your life. The music lover will appreciate the sound output, while the techie will enjoy the charging and built-in options such as connecting it to their device wirelessly. One of the best things about these docks is the variety of options available. Choose between standalone speaker docks, combined docks with a radio or alarm, or even a Bluetooth or wireless docking station. When you’re ready to add an audio dock to your life, look no further than the selection available at HSN. You’ll love the variety and high ratings of the docking stations offered every day.