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Shop Smooth and Functional Items from Simplehuman

Simplehuman creates clean and functional products that can help you streamline your daily tasks and finish activities more efficiently. From the bathroom to the kitchen, simplehuman products will fit in seamlessly in nearly every room of the house. Frank Yang founded simplehuman in 2000. The company was originally called Canworks because Yang wanted to focus on making a better trash can. However, in 2001 he changed the name to simplehuman to reflect the broadening line of kitchen and bath tools. Using modern advancements such as touch-free operation and LED light technology, Yang has created a line of products that makes simple tasks even easier. If you're looking to add simplehuman products to your bathroom, consider the line of vanity mirrors that make grooming and prepping a breeze. Available in both freestanding and wall-mounted styles, these mirrors can include features such as motion-activated LED lights and app-enabled settings that let you set a gentle alarm to keep your morning routine running smoothly, adjust how long the lights stay on, and change the brightness of the lights. When you're ready to add the sleekness and efficiency of simplehuman items to your home, you'll find plenty of useful products.