Sheryl Crow Women's Jeans


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Update Your Denim Wardrobe

Does your denim have you feeling dowdy lately? If so, you may be due for an upgrade. Sheryl Crow jeans combine two out of three fashion rules this rock star enacted prior to launching her own clothing line: Make sure your jeans fit and look like they fit, and be comfortable. Soft, stretchy fabric and delightful embroidered accents combine to make these jeans your next go-to pair. This divine denim will propel you to rock star status, but without spending long hours in a recording studio. Whether you prefer flared styles or a skinny leg, these slimming jeans will flatter you on casual Fridays, when you're dropping the kids off at school, on a fun night out with friends, or on date night. Pair your new jeans with a sweater for a chilly evening outdoors or dress them up with a chic top. Women who look and feel their best can confidently go forward in the direction of their dreams. Designed to empower women to look and feel their best, Sheryl Crow clothing is a worthy addition to any wardrobe. HSN offers an exclusive selection of her vintage-inspired tops too! Get inspired with Sheryl Crow jeans!