Rhonda Shear Sweaters


    • Rhonda Shear Ruffle Front Cardigan
    $49.99 or 5 payments of $10.00

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Cozy Meets Couture

Bundling up should not require you to enshroud your figure. If you want to preserve your body heat without mummifying yourself, slip into something comfortable from the Rhonda Shear sweaters collection. Does your air-conditioned office get too cold? If you keep a sweater tucked into your desk drawer or draped over your chair, you want it to be one that doesn't overpower or detract from the rest of your outfit. Is your household trying to cut down on winter heating bills? A Rhonda Shear sweater will help you feel cozy, warm, feminine, and frugal. For unpredictable spring days, summer evenings outdoors, fall excursions, and more, every closet requires a go-to sweater. Keep one in your car to throw on over gym clothes when you have to make a grocery run on your way home. Choose from a variety of neutral colors that will easily integrate into any wardrobe. Layer a sweater over a pretty top when you want to look good without making it look like you're trying to. You don't have to shiver to keep your sensual silhouette intact. Look chill - not chilly - when you wear a sweater from the Rhonda Shear sweaters collection.