• Ricoh 3000-Lumen SVGA Portable Entry Projector

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  • Ricoh 3000-Lumen XGA Portable Entry Projector

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Upgrade Your Home Theater With a Video Projector

If you want to go big in updating your home theater system, you’ve probably been weighing the pros and cons of whether to buy a huge TV or a projector and screen. Choosing from the selection of projectors at HSN will lead you to a brighter, bigger, and more affordable experience. Here you’ll find the latest and greatest in video projector technology. The ZTE Spro projector allows for the functionality of a smart TV with the crispness, brightness, and sharpness of an HD TV. Plus, this projector also has a Bluetooth remote, which allows you or your guests to adjust the settings easily and conveniently from just about anywhere in your home. The recommended projector is an 84-inch pop-up, which allows for excellent viewing and flexible placement around your home. Like all electronic devices and TVs from HSN, these home projectors boast labels from the top brands in the industry. In addition to that, they're all affordable, with different payment plans available, and they have the added benefit of free shipping. Explore HSN and you’ll find the perfect projector that will create a visually pleasing experience for everyone.