Motorized Vehicles


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Wheels of the Future

Kids are always on the go. Now they can go even faster with electric skateboards and ride on toys that will have them zipping up and down the sidewalk or park path. That skateboard or that little red tricycle of your youth is a thing of the past. Today's motorized vehicles for kids and pedestrians are the way of the future, with technology that is as fun and functional. Your environmentally conscious college kids will never be late to class with an eco-friendly e-bike with built-in electric charger. Or maybe they would prefer a remote-controlled longboard to get them across campus to their next class. ""Back to the Future"" and ""The Jetsons"" promised us hoverboards for the future, and here they are! While HSN's selection of motorized hoverboards might not actually float above the ground, they still have that futuristic feel and provide a smooth ride along the sidewalk. Looking for more adventure? Go off-road with a hoverboard that can handle rougher terrain. Gravel paths and muddy puddles won't stand in your way with these motorized vehicles From electric skateboards and scooters to hoverboards and battery-operated sports cars, kids of all ages will be riding in style.