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Look Astonishing in Jay King Jewelry

Jay King jewelry will have you looking like a queen or movie star, and HSN's collection of Jay King jewelry is an absolute treasure chest of gorgeous stone and silver jewelry. You can find sterling silver cuff bracelets and rings, beaded stretchy bracelets, single stone studs, drop earrings with cascading beads, and a remarkable selection of phenomenal necklaces. Precious and semi-precious stones in this jewelry collection are mined from all corners of the globe, from Brazil and Peru in South America to Mozambique in Africa; Lithuania in Europe; plus China, India, and Australia, too. Each jewelry piece's description page indicates where the stones were mined from and relevant features. Since the stones in Jay King jewelry are natural, your purchase will be a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, as the color inflections and properties, such as banding, are unique to each piece. If these particular features are what attracts you to stone-based jewelry, then shop the selection of statement rings, which may feature one bold stone or multiple stones interlaced in a pattern. Stones such as agate are well known for their intricate, lacy designs. Across the dazzling inventory, you will find gemstone favorites, including turquoise, amethyst, and lapis lazuli alongside uncommon stones such as blush pink rhodochrosite and sea green variscite.