Memory Foam Pillows & Pillow Covers


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Get a Restful Sleep With a Memory Foam Pillow

The same memory foam in your mattress that helps you get a great night's sleep is also available in a pillow that conforms to your head and neck. Learn more about the benefits and different styles of memory foam pillows. Memory foam pillows offer head and neck support during the night for better sleep. They also come with special cooling foam that can disperse body heat so you're more comfortable throughout the night. Additionally, you can find a memory pillow in your standard pillow size, which means you can easily use a traditional pillowcase that will match the rest of your bed. You'll also find foam pillows in nontraditional shapes and sizes to suit a variety of needs. For example, you can get a memory foam U-shape neck pillow that's perfect for supporting your head and neck during travel. Or, you can get memory foam seat cushions that give uncomfortable seats some extra padding and provide more support for your back muscles and spine. From your bed to your office chair, no matter what type of memory foam pillow you're searching for, you'll find a great selection when you shop at HSN.