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Serve Tasty Dishes with Knork Serving Pieces

Knork offers innovative options for something everyone does, multiple times per day: eating. The company uses feedback from customers to enhance the dining experience with modern, innovative products that showcase unique design and more practical functionality. Knork flatware shows off an ergonomic design to fit the way we eat all kinds of food, along with a heavier design that won’t bend. On the forks, the curved and broad outside tines allow for easier cutting, while the finger platform gives a comfortable place to rest while cutting your food. Other benefits of Knork flatware include a contoured handle and high-quality forged stainless steel. HSN carries a selection of Knork flatware pieces to help you improve the way you eat. You can choose from matte, high-gloss, and duo-tone finishes to complement your table setting. The matte black option is especially appealing for a modern table. Every Knork piece comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Flatware comes in five-piece sets, which includes two forks, a knife, and two spoons for each place setting. You can also find sets for specific occasions and mealtimes, such as cocktail forks, demitasse spoons, soup spoons, and other options, all available at HSN.