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Craft Culinary Masterpieces With Kitchen Master

Kitchen gadgets tend to sit in the cupboard for years without ever getting used. When you choose a Kitchen Master gadget from HSN, you've bought something you'll use regularly. The Kitchen Master Slicer and Dicer makes swift work of veggies and meats. Use the peeler tool to quickly peel potatoes and then slice them for homemade fries. Peel carrots and cucumbers before dicing for a salad. Peel and slice apples for a healthy, tasty treat. Dice chicken and veggies for a hearty soup or pot pie to take the chill out of winter weather. Our Kitchen Master Mandolin slicer helps take your cooking skills to another level. Cut through russet or red potatoes for scalloped potatoes or sweet potatoes for a Thanksgiving casserole. Slice zucchini or beets and bake under high heat for crispy chips. Use the julienne setting on carrots, cabbage, and red cabbage for homemade coleslaw. Our Kitchen Masters knife set features ribbed blades that keep food from sticking to the blades while you're cutting. Our rocking knives are great for people with arthritis or muscle problems. Kitchen Master products are easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Shop our Kitchen Master collection today.