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Turn Up the Tunes with Handy ION Speakers

Bring your favorite soundtrack along anywhere you're gathering with conveniently portable ION Bluetooth speakers. These portable speakers are easy to move so you can place them in the most convenient spot for every activity. Add these speakers to your collection of kitchen gadgets, move them to the yard for a backyard boogie, or set them up in the dining room to add the ideal ambiance to mealtime. Whether you're looking for soothing sounds in the bedroom, or a pumped-up party soundtrack on the deck, these ION speakers can do the job. Enhance your listening experience with striking visual accents using ION speakers with bright LED lights. In a rainbow of hues, these will bring your music to life with sound-reactive light shows. You can add a playful element to your afternoon tunes with a karaoke wireless speaker that adds vocal correction and audio processing to your voice. If you prefer to take your music on-the-go, opt for a rugged waterproof speaker to complement your travel gadgets and bring your songs along to the campsite or hiking trail. Check out HSN's collection of portable ION speakers and find the right solution for your listening experience.