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Dinner in an Instant With Instant Pot

Meet the Instant Pot, the secret ninja of anyone's home cooking collection. For food that is short on cooking time but high on flavor, the Instant Pot is your secret weapon to quick, successful meals.  Gone are the days of watching the clock while waiting for rice to cook. In mere minutes, rice and other grains are made perfectly under the pressure of the Instant Pot. This tool replaces your slow cooker, rice cooker, and more, performing the functions of so many appliances in one. Endlessly versatile, use it to make everything from beef stew to homemade yogurt in no time.  You can further streamline your food preparation with one of our many kitchen tools designed to maximize ease and versatility. You'll wonder how you ever lived without a pair of kitchen tongs to help with grilling, sauteeing, baking, and more. And no kitchen is complete without a grater that minces vegetables, cheese, and more to make food prep a breeze.  Perfectly season your Instant Pot creations with our elegant and practical salt and pepper mill sets. Aspiring George Jetson's will yearn for an electric grinder, while the purists will find many options that allow them to twist out a perfect, peppery finish.