Imperial Pearls by Josh Bazar

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Feel Like a Princess in Pearls Fit for Royalty

Each pearl in Josh Bazar's Imperial Pearl Jewelry collection is unique. Each Imperial Pearl has a story of its journey to tell, starting with its birth inside an oyster from the most remote and pristine waters of the South Seas. Hand-picked from the finest pearl farms, each pearl is a treasured work of art made just for you. As part of the third generation of the prestigious Imperial Pearls brand name, Josh Bazar brings his eye for exquisite beauty to this exclusive collection for HSN. Every piece of our Imperial Pearl Jewelry collection is backed by the passion, quality, and dedication of the Bazar family business. From the classic single strand of cultured pearls to a more contemporarily designed pastel pearl bracelet, pearls possess a timeless beauty that is highlighted in every piece of expertly crafted jewelry. Each Imperial Pearl is celebrated in a setting and design that enhances the natural beauty of one of Mother Nature's most unique creations. Pearl jewelry is a classic fashion statement that brings to mind the subdued elegance of Princess Diana, actress Audrey Hepburn in ""Breakfast at Tiffany's,"" or designer Coco Chanel who said, ""a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls."" Any piece of finely crafted pearl jewelry from our collection deserves an honored place in your wardrobe.