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A Hoover Carpet Cleaner Makes Worn, Dingy Carpet Look New Again

Dirt, spills, pet odors, and normal wear and tear can ruin your carpet. It's tempting just to remove and replace your dingy rugs. But with a Hoover carpet cleaner, you can get clean, fluffy carpets for a lot less money than installing new carpet. Cleaning your rugs also spares you the inconvenience of waiting for your installers to arrive and finish the job. You can clean your carpets any time. You won't waste time measuring and mixing soap and water either. Your Hoover carpet cleaner combines the right amount of cleaning solution and water automatically. Separate tanks for clean and dirty water are easy to access and empty. You can freshen the entire room with a Hoover carpet cleaner. Tools to clean stairs and upholstery, plus detergent, are all included. The cleaner's generous 8-foot hose makes it easy to give furniture and stairs a deep cleaning. Use the switch to quickly select the rinse option to make sure there's no soapy residue on your carpet. All that's left behind are fresh, soft rugs that your bare feet will love! You'll also enjoy purchase protection with Hoover's two-year limited warranty. Shop for a Hoover carpet cleaner now.