Gold Hoop Earrings


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Be Radiant in Gold Hoop Earrings

Ancient peoples in South America called gold ""the sweat of the sun."" Indeed, this brilliant precious metal has been esteemed for thousands of years for its beauty, rarity, value, and captivating color. When you step out in gold hoop earrings, you're adorning yourself in a precious metal that is fit for royalty. You have countless choices when it comes to gold hoop earrings. For a classic look, go with round yellow gold earrings. To show off your funky side, choose square hoops. Hoops with diamond-cut metal or other accents are perfect for expressing your personal style. If you love cool colors, opt for white gold hoop earrings instead of yellow. Buy a few different pairs of gold hoop earrings to fit different occasions. A small, simple pair is perfect for everyday wear, while larger hoops are great for making a bold statement. Choose between 10K or 14K gold hoop earrings. 14K gold is more valuable because it has a greater gold content, but 10K gold hoop earrings tend to be harder and a bit more durable because of the higher concentration of other metals. Both types of gold are equally gorgeous. Whether you're shopping for yourself of someone special, turn to HSN for all your gold jewelry needs.