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Make the Most of Family Entertainment With a Home Stereo From HSN

Take family movie night up a notch with home theater speakers that bring movies and games to life. All home stereo systems have speakers, a receiver, and a source. The source can be your TV, a DVD player, or a CD or MP3 player. Choosing a surround sound system comes down to your budget and the quality of sound you want. You can buy individual components or simplify things with a packaged system that has everything you need. Consider what you'll use your home stereo for most often. What kinds of media will it play? What volume does your family prefer? Most home theater speakers provide crisp, clean sound for music and movies, but what about video games? Choose a system that's made for your most-used media. Our home theater speakers have several speaker options to choose from. Consider a soundbar for simple yet realistic sound from a wireless speaker. Select a middle ground with tower speakers that are slim and sleek, or immerse yourself in a DVD or Blu-Ray movie with a multi-piece stereo that literally and figuratively surrounds you. Give the gift of superior entertainment with one of our home stereos this year!