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Home Alarms and Motion Sensors Protect Your Property

Thousands of burglaries take place in the United States every day. The risk of having a break-in at your home is high, no matter where you live. Burglaries also impact commercial building and business owners, with thieves breaking in after hours to steal inventory, equipment, and cash. Dealing with the aftermath of a burglary comes with a lot of emotions: fear, anger, frustration, and worry are just a few of the feelings you might experience. Many people report feeling violated or unsafe in their own homes. One way to reduce the risk of a break-in at your home or business is to install a home alarm. Home alarms make a big difference to burglars; more than 60 percent of convicted burglars surveyed by the UNC Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology reported that they would be less likely to attempt a break-in at a home with a security system. At HSN, you can shop the selection of home alarms and motion sensors to find the options that work best for your property. Some of the options include full home security systems that come ready to set up, as well as security cameras and alarm sensors to place around the perimeter.