Heidi Daus Topaz Rings

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Look Top-Notch in Radiant Topaz

Heidi Daus is an art-deco jewelry designer who creates astounding, vintage-inspired heirloom rings. Her designs are recognized for their mosaic style of interwoven gemstones in patterns of geometric symmetry, sometimes reminiscent of mandalas. Heidi Daus gemstone rings are renowned for their irresistible, eye-catching brilliance, with so many differently shaped and faceted gemstones that interplay in a delightful design. Heidi Daus jewelry is so artistically beautiful, you could actually choose your outfit to match your jewelry. Topaz gemstones range in color from a deep golden champagne tone to a magnificent orange. It's an outstanding and uncommon color that beams pure radiance. Topaz may also come in another variety of dazzling blue color. Heidi Daus topaz rings may feature multiple shades of topaz colors in the champagne-gold-orange spectrum. They're smartly arranged with other gemstones in the secondary color wheel for an aesthetically delightful arrangement of orange, purple, and green gemstones. The purple color is featured in royal amethyst while the green is found in divine olivine.  HSN features a lovely collection of Heidi Daus jewelry, including Heidi Daus necklaces and even Heidi Daus topaz necklaces. She also creates whimsical brooches and pins. Wear a Heidi Daus topaz ring and you will have sunbeams twinkling off your finger.