Hair Coloring

Refresh Your Tresses with Hair Coloring

No one looks forward to battling root growth or thinning hair. Thankfully, HSN offers simple and effective hair color solutions. When you need precise color application or help for thinner spots on your scalp, powders, sprays, and crayons are easy solutions. Shop HSN for the hair color solutions that will make your life easier and your hair look exactly as you want it to. Get root touch up products that aren't box dye at HSN. These powders come with applicator brushes so you can blend them seamlessly into your roots and disguise growth between visits to the salon. Many powders have additional uses, such as disguising thinning hair by adding body and volume. You'll also find other versions of hair fillers, including crayons that double as eyebrow pencils. Use these items on your temples and other problem spots on your hairline to create the illusion of fuller hair. Nobody need know you shop root concealer at HSN. That's the beauty of online shopping. But if you get compliments and are feeling generous, reveal your secrets! HSN curates the very best in hair color products so you can get the look you want without damaging your hair or your scalp.