Good Natured


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Connect to the Great Outdoors With HSN's Good Natured Clothing Collection 

Getting dressed each morning can be a stressful proposition. Take deep cleansing breaths and channel the fresh, clean air of the great outdoors with our Good Natured collection of clothing and accessories. Perfect for autumn, you'll fall hard for the reflections of nature in such thoughtful touches as fringe detailing, floral accents, cushy suede, and distressed leather. With a neutral color palette inspired by trees, lakes, trails, and mountains, you'll feel energized and refreshed every time you slip into these stylish separates.  Round out a beautiful, nature-inspired ensemble with coordinating jewelry accents. A large, Western-style cocktail ring showcases unique petrified wood for a special take on a classic design. Stunning gold foil leaf earrings are made from rare, natural ebony wood for a special addition to any collection. Alternatively, enjoy the glittery side of nature in our crystal brooches in whimsical insect motifs.  Whether you're hiking up rugged trails or ambling down city sidewalks, consider our Good Natured shoe collection to add attractive yet comfortable footwear to your collection. Crafted from rich leather distressed to reveal a vintage, ruff-hewn look with an organic vibe, lace-up or pull-on boots are a fantastic addition to any ensemble.