Gold & Diamond Source Gemstone Rings


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Accessorize With a Bedazzled Ring of Gemstones, Diamonds, and Gold 

Gold & Diamond Source gemstone rings are ravishing statement rings made of 18 karat gold. They feature outstanding centerpieces of one or multiple large gemstones encircled by tiny diamonds that are graded G (nearly colorless). These rings may feature astonishing precious or semi-precious gemstones such as hot pink rubellite, deep green tourmaline, lilac-pink kunzite, or mystical opal. The detailing around the centerpiece gemstone is exquisite, with one or multiple layers of diamonds in forms such as a halo or pavé-set lines. The ring band is also elaborate, with artistry in designs such as scrollwork detailing or flanked shoulders.  While many fashion rings are designed for women, Gold & Diamond Source also creates men's jewelry featuring the deep red, valiant color of a ruby or the pristine blue color of sapphire. These rings are perfect to wear to a cocktail party, formal event, or another important occasion when you truly want to sparkle. Everyone you interact with will undoubtedly be drawn to your beaming ring. Upgrade your look by pairing your ring with Gold & Diamond Source earrings and a Gold & Diamond Source necklace, too. Some jewelry is offered in a matching style, and others will provide the perfect complement.