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Revolutionary Skin Care With FOREO

FOREO has not only improved but also reinvented skin care as we know it. Whether you're fighting signs of aging or just trying to keep your skin as clean and clear as possible, you should check out the company's flagship product, the FOREO Luna. It uses gentle pulses of energy at varying levels to bring back the youthful glow you're looking for. You can get it with or without specially designed cleansers to maximize its performance, and you can choose from multiple device colors. If it's your teeth you're focusing on, FOREO has a product for dental use as well. The ISSA uses the same principles to get you back to a brighter smile and a clean, healthy mouth. It removes plaque, but it's kind to your gums and soft tissue. The ISSA is an electric toothbrush with a silicone head, the first of its kind. The ISSA features an impressive battery life, running up to 365 times on a single charge. That, along with its slender design, makes it an ideal traveling companion. Take care of your skin and your teeth with the full line of FOREO products and reinvent your hygiene routine.