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Cushioned Comfort That Lasts All Day

Whether you're slipping your favorite Foot Petals cushions into your shoes or you're wearing footwear with built-in cushioned comfort, get ready to enjoy comfortable wear all day long. The variety of Foot Petals inserts you'll find at HSN fit every shoe, style, and need. Deodorizer packs do a great job of keeping your sneakers fresh after every workout. All these inserts are perfectly sized to fit into flats, mules, or sandals. Now you can wear those killer heels without suffering killer pain. Choose transparent, gel-like petals or fun, animal-print ones, along with solid and neutral tones. Full-size cushions cover the entire interior for even, allover comfort. If you want to focus on specific pressure points, place Foot Petals where you need them. You'll also find convenient sets featuring different shapes. Buy them for yourself or gift them to a friend who deserves to be more comfortable. Maybe your job involves standing for long periods, or you're planning a vacation with lots of walking. Foot Petals in your shoes provide a more comfortable fit and feel. Padded inserts are designed with your comfort in mind. For a great variety that suits your particular needs, shop HSN today.