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Decorate Your Crafts With Foam Stamps

Foam stamps come in handy for a variety of craft projects. Use them to embellish hand-made cards or to brighten up a boring flower pot. Unlike other types of stamps, foam craft stamps can be used for more than just ink. They work especially well with paint, for instance. Thus, adding a few foam stamps to your collection will allow you to tackle more craft projects than you could with rubber stamps alone. Foam craft stamps work best for big, bold designs. Since they are softer than rubber stamps, they won't transfer detail quite as well. Foam stamps are light and easy to use, and they're a great choice for kids. After all, craft projects for little ones are more likely to call for paint and simple designs than the intricate details that are possible with stamp pads and ink. Although you can find foam stamps depicting everything from Christmas trees to sea creatures, sometimes a search for a specific shape or texture will come up empty. In that case, moldable foam stamps allow you to easily create your own custom designs. Browse the selection of foam stamps at HSN to find what you need for your next craft project today.