Elle Jewelry Quartz Rings


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Look Exquisite Wearing an Elle Jewelry Quartz Ring

Elle Jewelry is known for its sophisticated, chic jewelry designs inspired by Parisian fashion. Elle Jewelry rings feature artfully cut metal bands with thoughtfully placed gemstone design elements. Quartz is one of the most diverse decorative stones with regards to color. The most common is transparent, but it also manifests in the oranges and reds of fire quartz and the pale pink of rose quartz. Quartzes may also feature purple tones ranging from lilac to deep violet in a stone more commonly known as amethyst. Elle Jewelry quartz rings often feature two-toned metal, like sterling silver plated in rhodium and rose gold for a beautiful combination of metallic tones. It also artistically combines different gemstones, shapes, and sizes. Imagine the stunning effect of a slim band of pavé-set cubic zirconias that crisscross over a translucent purple quartz statement stone. It's instant glamour, and you can buy an Elle Jewelry quartz necklace to match. For another magnificent design, imagine a gleaming bauble of quartzite set against a bright, yellow gold background and framed in pretty sterling silver. Elle Jewelry quartz rings are cosmically gorgeous and will make you feel like a superstar. You can also shop for Elle Jewelry quartz earrings to match your ring and complete your look.