Dolls & Dollhouses


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Inspire a Favorite Playtime Activity with Toy Dolls and Dollhouses

Do you have a daughter, a niece, a granddaughter, or any other special girl in your life? Playing with dolls is one of the most iconic playtime events in girlhood, of course brothers and other boys can also enjoy playing with dolls. Dolls, dollhouses, and doll accessories allow children to open up socialization skills by interacting with human figurines and their living spaces. HSN has a wonderful collection of toy dolls, including baby dolls and specialty dolls, such as Disney dolls, sets of doll families, and other figurines. You can also buy animal figurines, such as horses and a stable or a castle. In the Disney Princess collection, you can purchase a classic doll in her traditional outfit, like Ariel or Belle. Another vibrant option is the Disney Descendants Neon Lights Dolls, which includes a set of four dolls. While a child can “play house” with their imagination, you can also buy a dollhouse along with furniture sets for a more realistic experience. For children who love to play dress-up, HSN offers dolls and an ensemble of clothing, shoes, and other fashion items that stick on magnetically. You can also buy a set of figurines and accessories to create a monster doll! There is a doll for every imagination.