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Go on a Jewelry Adventure with the Design Galley with Colleen Lopez

Why pay more for designer accessories when you can save on the newest and most beloved brands from around the world? HSN's Designer Gallery with Colleen Lopez presents a remarkable collection ranging from timeless pendants to gemstone-laden cuff bracelets. “Jewelry is an adventure,” according to Colleen Lopez, and we couldn't agree more. Embark upon your own journey with one-of-a-kind designs and artisan-crafted jewelry curated from across the globe. Lopez hand-selects each piece for the Designer Gallery, speaking directly with the artists, hearing their stores, and learning what inspired them to create each piece. Now, she shares these artisans' stories with HSN shoppers, allowing you to bring your own treasure home. Whether you're hoping to pair the perfect cocktail ring with fashionable flats, a beaded macramé bracelet with skinny jeans, or a jade pendant with your latest tunic, HSN's Designer Gallery with Colleen Lopez has the selection you need to coordinate the perfect outfit. And, while Colleen Lopez personally chooses each product for the Designer Gallery, you can always return or exchange your purchase within 30 days. Check out our New Arrivals, Colleen's Picks, and Web Exclusives to find your next treasure. You'll love the unbeatable selection of one-of-a-kind designs from HSN.