Decorating Tools

Add Some Wow Factor to Your Cakes and Cookies

This unique offering of decorating tools for baked goods includes frosting dispensers and brushes to put dabs of color right where you want it. You'll also find items for spreading frosting and displaying your baked confections; there are pedestals to hold special cakes and a set of decorative boxes you can use to give baked treats as gifts. This varied, exciting collection has everything you need to make undecorated baked goods look as special as the event you have in mind when baking. Add some sprinkles for extra color and shine when you're done applying the many colors of icing. Want to support your child's desire to learn about cooking? Encourage his or her culinary creativity with a gift that will add sweetness and beauty to the pastries and treats he or she will make with the decorating tools in HSN's collection of baking tools. Items from this baking-themed selection of gadgets and adornments also make charming housewarming gifts and presents to give at bridal showers. Any time the question involves how to make stunning desserts, the answer is by picking up a set of tools that meet your specific decorating needs.